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Surname tom Felde - Meaning and Origin

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tom Felde: What does the surname tom Felde mean?

The last name Tom Felde is an English surname with multiple possible meanings. It could be a derivation of the Anglo-Saxon term ‘feld’ meaning ‘field’, which could indicate that its original bearer was a farmer or someone from a community of land-owners. Tom Felde could also refer to an inhabitant of an area called ‘Felde,’ which is Anglo-Saxon in origin and denotes a ‘plain’. If this is the source of the name, then it could refer to someone who lived in a rural region, or a location of open or marshy land.

Tom Felde could have originated as a variation of the surname ‘Feller’, which began as an occupational surname for someone who works with wood such as a woodcutter or a carpenter. Tom Felde could also be a descriptive nickname for someone who is tall, derived from the Middle English term ‘feld’ which translates to ‘tall’.

Lastly, Tom Felde could be a combination of two distinct surnames, both deriving from Old English terms. The ‘tom’ portion could be a nod to the term ‘tame’ which indicated ‘innocent’ or ‘trustworthy’, and the ‘Felde’ portion could be a variation of the Old English term ‘feld’ meaning ‘authority’ or ‘power’.

The exact meaning of the last name Tom Felde is difficult to pinpoint as there are several possible origins, but it is likely derived from Old English terms referring to a rural region or an occupational skill.

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tom Felde: Where does the name tom Felde come from?

Tom Felde is a fairly rare surname today, and is likely of Germanic origin. It appears to be concentrated in the southeastern part of the United States, in states such as North Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, Virginia, and Georgia. These states have historically had a lot of Germanic immigrants, so it is possible that Tom Felde was among them. It is also possible that Tom Felde is the anglicized version of a German surname that was commonly used at the point of immigration.

According to the US Census Bureau, there are currently around 800 individuals with the name Tom Felde living in the United States. This is a relatively small number compared to other surname, but it is still possible to find families with the name Tom Felde living in the United States. Given its Germanic origin, it is not surprising that this surname is primarily centered in the southeastern United States.

The relatively small number of individuals with the surname Tom Felde also makes researching the origin and meaning of the name difficult. There is very little information available about its origin or possible meaning, so further investigation is needed in order to ascertain its origins.

Overall, the surname Tom Felde is a relatively uncommon one, and is primarily located in the southeastern United States. While there is very little information available about its history or meaning, it is still possible to find families with the name living in the United States.

Variations of the surname tom Felde

The surname Tom Felde has a few variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin. For starters, Tom Felde is also spelled as Tom Velte, and Tom Feld. These variants all come from the same source, of German origin.

Tom Felde is also known as Tom Felt, Tom Falte, Tom Faltes, Tom Velt, and Tom Velten. These surnames derive from the German word "Felt," meaning felt or cloth made from animal fur or hair. The variants of the surname Tom Felde are also found in other languages such as Dutch (Tom Velt) and Norwegian (Tom Velten).

The German spelling of the surname is Tom Felde, which is derived from the word "Felder," meaning "fields" in English. This could indicate that the original bearer of the name might have come from a place with fields or farms in its vicinity, or it could have been an occupational name for someone working the land.

In Sweden, the surnames Tom Felt and Tom Falte both derive from the word "Falt," meaning "folded" in English. This could indicate that the original bearers of these surnames either worked at a textile shop, which would involve folding fabric, or that the name originated from a habitation name indicating someone who lived in a house that was called something akin to "Falten" or "Felt's House."

Other surnames of similar origin include Tom Faltes, Tom Feltman, Tom Feltmann, Tom Feldmann, and Tom Fima. These surnames could have originated from the German words "Feltmann," meaning feltmaker, and "Fima," meaning felt merchant. The use of these names could indicate skilled trades in dealing with felt or fabrics.

No matter the origin of the name, the variations and spellings of the surname Tom Felde offer plenty of options for genealogists, historians, and general researchers alike to explore.

Famous people with the name tom Felde

  • Tom Felde, American actor, known for his performances in “Beverly Hills 90210” and “Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle”
  • Carla Felde, American author and founder of the Carolina Crown Basketball Program
  • Richard Tom Felde, California organist and choral director with five active choirs
  • Dr. Jeremy Tom Felde, American chiropractor, and founder of the Felde Chiropractic Care Clinic
  • Michael Tom Felde, American comedian, actor, producer, and podcast host best known for his hilarious stand-up comedy and performances on “Chelsea Lately”
  • Karl Tom Felde, German resistance fighter and head of Felde’s Regulars, an elite tactical unit in the Second World War
  • Mona Tom Felde, Icelandic social entrepreneur, environmentalist, and founder of Icelandic Youth Environmental League
  • Martin Tom Felde, Austrian singer, musician, artist, and member of the Austrian pop punk band “Kroenketz”
  • Dr. Dane Tom Felde, American business consultant and founder of “Tom Felde and Associates”
  • Sven Tom Felde, Norwegian visual artist, founding member of the Oslo Arts Collective, and co-founder of the Norwegian Film Museum

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