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Surname Wall - Meaning and Origin

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O. Wall

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Wall: What does the surname Wall mean?

The surname Wall is of English and Irish origin and has multiple interpretations. It predominantly originates from a topographic name for someone who lived near a wall, typically a significant town wall, derived from the Old English 'w(e)all,' meaning 'wall.' This could also have distinguished a person living by a wall, a stone quarry, or a spring or well, reflecting the different Old and Middle English applications of the term.

In Ireland, Wall is an Anglicized form of the Gaelic surname de Bhál, originating from 'de Valle,' which was introduced by the Normans during their invasion in the 11th century. In other instances, it is believed to have been derived from the Old Norse name Volle or the Germanic name Walh.

Overall, these interpretations of the surname Wall symbolize connections to locations, occupations or lineage. As with many surnames, its exact meaning can vary based on regional and historical factors.

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Wall: Where does the name Wall come from?

The last name Wall is a common one today, especially in English-speaking countries. The primary countries where it is concentrated are England, Ireland, and the United States. In England the name is concentrated most strongly in the counties of Shropshire, Herefordshire, East Riding of Yorkshire, Merseyside, and Greater Manchester. In Ireland, the name is concentrated in the counties of Cork, Kildare, Limerick, and Galway. In the United States, it is most common in the states of Texas, Virginia, Pennsylvania, New York, and North Carolina.

The Wall surname is thought to originate from the ethnicity of the Anglo-Saxons who settled in England during and after the 5th century. It has also been suggested that the name may be derived from the Norman personal name Waller, which was introduced to England after the Norman Conquest in 1066. Another possible origin is the name of a place, such as Wall in Oxfordshire or Wall in West Yorkshire.

Whichever the origin, the last name Wall has spread from its origins in England and Ireland to many other countries around the world, with a particularly high concentration in the United States. Today, Wall families can be found in many parts of the globe, from North America to Australia.

Variations of the surname Wall

The surname Wall is a common English and German surname. It has variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin in both languages.

In English, the Wall surname is derived from the Old English word for wall, waell. Other variants include Waller, Weller, Walton, Wallman, Wallhouse, Walling, Wallman, Walcroft, Walcott, Welch, Welchman and Welchouse.

In German, the Wall surname is derived from the Middle High German word for wall, walle. Variants in German include Wahl, Walla, Wehl, Wiehl, Wahlmann, Wohle, Wallmaier, Wallheimer, Walleth, Walser, Walz, Wahlgren, and Wallner.

The Wall surname may also have been derived from a nickname. Wall may be a nickname for someone who was tall or someone who was a strong protector. When used as a nickname during the medieval period, it may have been spelled as Wale, Walle, Waller, Weller or Welch.

The Wall surname is common and found in many countries around the world. It is most common in Ireland, England, Scotland, Wales and Germany. It is also found in many other European countries like France, Belgium, Spain, Russia, the Czech Republic and Poland. It is also found in the United States and Canada.

Famous people with the name Wall

  • Paul Wall: Grammy-nominated rapper and actor from Houston.
  • Maisie Wall: a Welsh actress who starred in the television series, Curfew.
  • Dwight Wall: a former NFL running back who played for the Houston Oilers and the Denver Broncos.
  • John O. Wall: a professional golfer who won three Champions Tour events.
  • George Wall: an English actor whose work included plays and films such as 1776 and Jane Austen in Manhattan.
  • Richard Wall: Leading British-Austrian opera singer, particularly enjoyed singing Handel operas.
  • Christine Wall: an American author of both fiction and non-fiction books focusing on education.
  • Saya Wall: an American artist and author who illustrated and wrote comics and graphic novels.
  • Larnell Wall: an artist who developed the cartoon 'The Wild Classic', which was broadcast in over 61 countries.
  • Phil Wall: a British actor, known for his performances in Shakespeare plays and for appearing in films such as Goodbye Charlie and The Smallest Show on Earth.

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