Ancient tribes

By ancient tribes, we refer to groups of people from the ancient past which are defined not only by their specific language, culture and history but also by their specific DNA profile. What is important is not the common linguistic ancestry or the historical-anthropological categorisation, but the individual genetic characteristics of a people. Within every ancient tribe several different lineages can be found. These lineages reflect the different populations which took part in the ethnogenesis of this ancient tribe.

Various studies demonstrate just how diverse our roots really are, how often and how far abroad our ancestors travelled. Even if our own parents came from the same rural village, it is likely that they had different heritages. While we can differentiate between ancient tribes, this does not establish any ‘races’ or genetically homogenous lineages. You may be Celtic in one lineage, but Germanic in the other. Every lineage has its origins, but our DNA contains the confluence of numerous lineages.

The ancient tribe is determined by the haplogroup and the genetic profile. The result approximately refers to the period from 900 BC to 900 AD.

The interpretation is based on genetic and anthropological studies as well as scientific findings about history, migrations and population development. Additionally we also factor your information about your origin into our analysis. Very young haplogroups whose founder lived in the ancient past can be assigned to one specific ancient tribe. Older haplogroups had already spread over various tribes at this time. Therefore not every profile can be assigned to one special tribe.

Our focus on European origins is all the more exciting, since the Old World provides us with a richness of historical sources greater than that on any other continent. Techniques now available in the science of genetics enable us to re-examine these sources and test their veracity.

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