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The Clifford Surname Project


Goal:To unite Clifford & Poyntz family,they come from the same Family Tree.The Clifford family goes back to Walter FitzRichard & Margaret deToni,her dowery the castle on the Cliff overlooking the Ford, Walter becomes Walter deClifford of Clifford Castle in Wales.His family came over with William the Conquerer in 1066.The name being then Pons or FitzPons,Walter FitzRichard was son of Richard FitzWilliam & Maude FitzWalter.Richard's pts.were PonsFitzWilliam and Basilia,his pts was Count William de Arques/Talon & Miss de Ponthieu.Duke William took away his nephews title & banished him after his nephew opposed him beleaving he should be the Duke of Normandy as he was legit.and his uncle was illiget, he than reverted back to his boyhood name of Pons. Before the battle of Hasting in 1066 Duke William (William the Conquerer) needed all the knights he could muster & forgaving his nephew Pons, who came over with him at the Battle of Hasting in 1066 to defeat King Harold & become King Wiliam 1st



Other surnames in Project

Clifford, Points, Pontz, Poyntz, Poythress

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