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The Crowl/crowell Surname Project


To find the ancestry of many people of the same sounding name, i.e. spellings included: Crall, Croll, Crull, Crowl, Crowel, Crowell, Chrowl, Grall, Groll, Grile, Crile, Croyle, Graul, Grauel, Grawl, Growel, Khrall, Krall, Kroll and like sounding spellings, that basically revert back to Croll, Crowell, Crowl, and Croyle. The name is both German and English. Many with those names have not been able to be traced with traditional research.As of July 1, 2004 we have found a relationship of the following two families: Johan Michael Grauel, of Langenselbold, Hesse, Germany and Straban Twp., York Co., PA in 1778 and Peter Craul of Mecklenburg Co, NC 1762. It is highly likely that this Peter is the elder brother of Johan Michael in Langenselbold, Hesse, Germany As of Oct. 2005 we have found a relationship between the Crowls of Jefferson and Berkeley Counties, VA/WV after 1863 and the Grauels of Langenselbold, Hesse, Germany



Other surnames in Project

Chrowl, Crall, Crile, Croel, Croll, Crowel, Crowell, Crowl, Croyle, Crull, Grall, Grauel, Graul, Grawl, Grile, Growall, Growell, however, Krahl, Krall, Kroll, Schaff, Schauf

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