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The Sizemore Surname Project


The Sizemore DNA Project is testing the Y chromosome of male SIZEMOREs and the mtDNA of straight line female descendants of some key Sizemore wives. Results are availble here: Sizemore DNA Study Website ATTENTION:All participants of the National Geographic Genographic DNA Project who are descended on a direct paternal or maternal line from Sizemore, Sisemore, or any variant are welcome to join the Sizemore Geographical DNA Project! Since some of our Y haplogroup markers are quite rare, consideration will be given to the possibility of including males with matching Y haplogroup markers irregardless of surname. SISEMOREs, SISMOREs, SIZMOREs (or any variation) using the Y-DNA test for males or mtDNA for females. Visit our site to get more information and to see our results to date.The results so far have been surprising, and they indicate several distinct Sizemore/Sisemore lines. This is important from a genealogical point of view. If you (or a male Sizemore in your line) join our project and take the test, you could narrow down your family research to only those lines that match your DNA.Please note that FTDNA Surname Group Administrators are not FTDNA employees. They do not receive any form of financial payment or any other incentive or reimbursement.Results are availablr here:



Other surnames in Project

Cismore, Sisemore, Sismore, Sizemoore, Sizemore, Sizmore

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