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Surname Campos - Meaning and Origin

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Campos: What does the surname Campos mean?

Campos is a Spanish and Portuguese surname that translates to "fields" in English. It is often associated with someone who lived or worked in a field, especially those related to farming or agriculture. The origin of this last name being used is likely associated with a person's occupation or geographical location. This surname is fairly common in countries like Spain, Portugal, and all throughout Latin and Central America. As with many surnames, there may be several lineages with the Campos surname in different locations, not necessarily related to each other.

Campos: Where does the name Campos come from?

The last name Campos originates from Spain and Portugal. It is a topographic name for someone who lived on or near open land or a battlefield, derived from the Latin word "campus" that translates to "field." Therefore, it falls under the category of surnames that were established based on geographic features or the local landscape.

Today, the surname Campos is most common in Hispanic cultures and countries across the world, especially in Spain, Mexico, Brazil, and several other Latin American countries. As a result of centuries of exploration, conquest, and migration, it is also prevalent among some communities in the United States and the Philippines. However, due to regional differences in Spain and Portugal, the spelling and pronunciation of the surname may slightly vary in these regions.

Variations of the surname Campos

The surname Campos has several variants and spelling alternatives based on regional influences and derivations. This surname is popular in Portuguese and Spanish cultures, with Campos referring to a "field". Some of its spelling variants are "Campo", "del Campo", and "Campus". In Italy, it is spelled as "Campi" or "Di Campo".

Sometimes, the Campos name can also be combined with other words creating compound surnames like "Camposano" or "Campos Santos".

Surname derivatives commonly associated with Campos include the names Camposeo, Camposeco, Campisano, Campisciano, and Campisi.

Variations also exist due to emigration, where it got changed while registering in a new country with a different language, such as English. For example, the name can be anglicized to "Field" or "Fields", which literally translate to "Campos" in English.

The surname also appears in different forms in historical records because of transcription errors, including "Campas", "Compos", or "Campus".

It is worth noting that surname spellings can vary greatly over time and from one location to another, even within the same family, in some cases. It often depends on who recorded the name and how they thought it should be spelled.

Famous people with the name Campos

  • Marta Campos: Colombian-born Spanish actress and journalist.
  • Adriana Campos: Colombian actress and producer.
  • Antonio Campos: American film director, producer, and screenwriter.
  • Joaquín Campos: Filipino lawyer, professor, and politician, who was a member of the Philippine Senate for three consecutive terms.
  • Rafael Campos: Puerto Rican actor.
  • Emilio Campos: Chilean writer and poet.
  • Andrea Campos: Cuban poet, novelist, and playwright.
  • Jacobo Campos: Venezuelan artist, painter, and sculptor.
  • Jérôme d'Ambrosio: Belgian racing driver, son of Italian father, Antonio Campos, and Hungarian mother.
  • Ferenc Campos: Hungarian boxer of Spanish origin.
  • Marcelo Campos: Uruguayan football player and manager.
  • Albina Campos: Brazilian politician and member of the Rio de Janeiro Legislative Assembly.
  • Rosa Campos: Spanish journalist and television presenter.
  • Paul Campos: American journalist, author, and former professor of law at the University of Colorado.
  • Payne Campos: Cuban water polo player.
  • Roberto Campos: Brazilian lawyer, diplomat, politician, and economist, who was the Minister of Finance in Brazil.
  • Gary Campos: Mexican American attorney in Los Angeles.
  • Roxana Campos: Ecuadorian actress, singer, and television presenter.
  • Lucero Campos: Mexican actress.
  • Rogelio Campos: Colombian boxer and television presenter.

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