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Surname Clemson - Meaning and Origin

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Clemson: What does the surname Clemson mean?

The last name Clemson has an interesting origin, with a combination of both Old English and Germanic influences. It is derived from the Old English ‘clem’, meaning ‘gentle’, and ‘stan’, a stone-like object used to climb or dock above a body of water. The Germanic ‘berg’, meaning ‘mountain’ or ‘hill’ is likely to be combined with this to create the name. This may refer to a person who was from a prominent family that was likely based in an ancestral home built at the summit of a hill or mountain. After this, the name depictions may have changed to 'climestan' or 'clemesston', with 'clemes', meaning 'polite or gentle'.

The name Clemson can be found in records all over the world, most notably in the United States. It is assumed to originate from a wealthy noble North German or English bishop family that settled in the low country of South Carolina. In 1863 the area we now know of as Clemson University was donated by the Clemson family, Thomas Grange Clemson, and was henceforth named in honor of the Clemson family. This is how the Clemson name lives on in America.

Clemson: Where does the name Clemson come from?

The last name Clemson is found in various parts of the world. It is most common in the United States, especially in the South. As well as North and South Carolina, Clemson is a popular surname in states such as Mississippi, Georgia, Alabama, and Florida. In addition, Clemson is commonly found in the United Kingdom, as well as parts of Europe. It is also found in Australia.

Sometimes spelled Clemsen or Clemmons, Clemson is a surname of English/Scottish/Irish origins. It is derived from the Old English word clyfs, meaning 'steep cliffs'. It likely originates from a place name of the same spelling. Alternatively, it may have come from the Old English word cleofu, meaning 'divided land', as in the surname Clemons.

The original Clemsons were likely concentrated along the English and Scottish borders and the Kentish Cliffs. In the United States, however, it is most common in the southeast region. One of the earliest Clemson settlers in America was Thomas Clemson, a Quaker who lived in Charleston, South Carolina in the early 1700s. From there the surname spread to other parts of the south.

Today, Clemson is a common surname in most parts of the United States. It can also be found elsewhere around the world.

Variations of the surname Clemson

The Clemson family surname is an English name originating from a place in West Yorkshire, England. It is derived from the Old English 'clif' meaning cliff and 'ham' meaning home or village. Variants of the name and other spelling spellings include Clamason, Clamson, Cleamson, Cleameson, Clemsen, Clemmison, Clemmonson, Climson, and Clymson.

The Clemson surname has several alternate surnames that derive from the same source. These include Clemso, Clemsoe, Clemsen, Clemeson, Clemmison, Clemonson and Climson. The surname Clemme, which is of Danish origin, is also often considered an alternate spelling for Clemson.

The Clemson surname is also found in some parts of Scotland. In this case, the name usually takes the form of Clamison or Clamson. The Scottish forms of the Clemson name usually have a Gaelic origin derived from the names ‘Cleason’ and ‘Cleghson’.

In Ireland, the Clemson surname is found in a number of variants, including Cle by name and Cle in surname. The Irish version of the name can take on various spellings, such as Cleby, Cleek, Clemence, Clemens, Climo and Clayme.

The Clemson family name also has some connection to English nobility. The Clemson Baronetcy of Southwick is a hereditary title held by the Clemson family of Southwick Hall in West Yorkshire, England. The title was conferred upon the Clemson family in 1675 by King Charles II.

Famous people with the name Clemson

  • Thomas G. Clemson, a wealthy businessman and patron after whom Clemson University is named.
  • Kelly D. Clemson, a professional investor and philanthropist.
  • Sarah Clemson, an author and Yale lecturer.
  • John Clemson, a former Oregon congressman.
  • John Clemson McCain, a retired colonel in the United States Army.
  • John Clemson Smith, a former lieutenant governor of South Carolina.
  • William B. Clemson, the 23rd United States Secretary of Navy.
  • James Clemson, a former South Carolina state senator.
  • Jessie Clemson, a two-time All American swimmer and Olympic gold medalist.
  • Rebecca Clemson, an American actor best known for her role in the television series My So-Called Life.
  • Steve Clemson, a former professional baseball player.
  • Peter Clemson, a General Practitioner and the former president of the British Medical Association.
  • Anne Clemson, an award-winning author and illustrator of children's books.
  • Lee Clemson, a professional golfer who competed on the PGA and Champions Tours.
  • Dwight Clemson, a businessman and former CEO of Tyson Foods.

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