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Surname Cognevich - Meaning and Origin

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Cognevich: What does the surname Cognevich mean?

Cognevich is a surname of Slavic origin, possibly Croatian. However, the exact meaning of the surname is not clear. In many cases, Slavic surnames are derived from professions, places, personal characteristics or patronymic. Without more specific information about the etymology of this surname, it is impossible to determine its exact meaning. However, it’s worth noting that in Slavic languages, the suffix "-vich" typically means "son of," suggesting that Cognevich might have originally designated someone as "son of Cogne," though it's not clear who "Cogne" would be. It’s also important to remember that surnames can change significantly in spelling and meaning over generations and across regions.

Cognevich: Where does the name Cognevich come from?

The last name Cognevich appears to have roots in southern Europe, particularly in the region encompassing Croatia and Serbia. Variations of the name are also found in neighboring countries due to historical migrations and cultural overlaps. The Slavic suffix "evich" usually implies "son of", hence Cognevich can be inferred as 'son of Cogne'. The name is not common and seems to have a scattered distribution today. In the US, it appears to have some presence in Louisiana, possibly attributed to historical immigration patterns. It is essential to note that geographical distributions of surnames evolve significantly over time, influenced by factors such as migration, social mobility, and cultural assimilation. It's often challenging to pinpoint where a name is predominantly located today without comprehensive global data. Therefore, while the surname Cognevich might be rare, it does not rule out the existence in other regions or countries.

Variations of the surname Cognevich

Cognevich is a unique surname that appears to have Eastern European origins, potentially Croatian. Yet, due to the cultural blending, migration and language evolution of many Eastern European countries over the centuries, surname variations can be quite complex. While there isn't much data available on the exact variations of Cognevich, similar surnames may include Kognevich, Kognovich, Kognevich, and Cognovich.

However, it is important to note that even slight changes in spelling may denote different origins or meanings. Nevertheless, based on phonetic similarities and common changes in surnames over time, these are reasonable guesses for potential variations or related surnames to Cognevich. Surnames in Eastern Europe are often modified with slight spelling changes due to personal preferences, shifts in language or dialect, or immigration and emigration effects. Your best source for this specific origin and exact variations would be genealogical research or ancestry databases.

For example, surnames of immigrants upon entering new countries were often altered, anglicized, or translated, which could potentially give rise to variations of the original surname. In some cases, 'vich' (son of) was removed entirely thus creating a different variation.

Famous people with the name Cognevich

  • Bruno Cognevich: Former Professional Basketball Player
  • Andrew Cognevich: Contemporary American Actor
  • Erin Cognevich: American UNCF Leader and Community Activist
  • Gregory Cognevich: Co-Founder of Georgie's Bananas Frozen Yogurt
  • Martin Cognevich: Professional Soccer Player
  • Mark Cognevich: Professional Football Player
  • Paul Cognevich: Professional Track and Field Athlete
  • Tom Cognevich: Professional Wrestler
  • Bob Cognevich Jr.: Professional Surfer
  • Jeanine Cognevich: Professional Figure Skater
  • Erika Cognevich: Professional Golfer
  • Jackie Cognevich: Professional Badminton Player
  • Lena Cognevich: Professional Soccer Player
  • Kristina Cognevich: Professional Ice Hockey Player
  • Talibah Cognevich: Women's Rights Activist & Speaker
  • Filip Cognevich: Chef & Restauranteur
  • John Cognevich: Olympic Medalist
  • Amelia Cognevich: Professional Ski Jumper
  • Bruce Cognevich: Professional Swimmer
  • Monica Cognevich: Professional Basketball Player

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