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Surname Csomor - Meaning and Origin

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Csomor: What does the surname Csomor mean?

The last name Csomor is of Hungarian origin. However, like many surnames, it doesn't have a specific meaning in modern language. It's possible that it may have locational roots or be derived from a profession, personal characteristic or ancestral first name, as was common in the formation of surnames in Hungary. It's also common in Hungarian surnames to derive from words related to nature. Without specified historical and contextual information, the exact meaning of the surname Csomor is unclear. Additionally, meanings may have morphed or become obscure over time. Overall, Csomor is a unique surname with Hungarian heritage.

Csomor: Where does the name Csomor come from?

The last name Csomor is believed to be of Hungarian origin, and it is still common in Hungary and parts of Eastern Europe today. The name Csomor first appears in written records during the 15th century when Hungary was ruled by the Habsburgs. At that time, Csomor was one of the most common Hungarian families in the area, and its members held positions of authority in the local districts.

Today, the Csomor name is still quite common in Hungary. As of 2020, there are around 4,000 people in the country with the Csomor surname. The Csomors are mostly concentrated in the northwestern region of Hungary, particularly in the cities of Eger and Miskolc.

Outside of Hungary, the Csomor name has also spread to other countries in Eastern Europe and the United States. In the United States, there is an estimated 1,500 people with the Csomor surname. Most of them live in states such as New York, Illinois, and Michigan. In Eastern Europe, the surname remains popular in countries such as Slovakia and Serbia, although its numbers are much smaller.

Despite the geographical differences, the Csomor family name remains strong. The Csomor family crest, which includes a shield with a red and white checkered design, serves as a reminder of the culture and heritage of the family, as well as the importance of its unique history.

Variations of the surname Csomor

The surname Csomor is of Hungarian origin and has several variants. Different spellings and variations of the surname Csomor include Czomor, Czomora, Czomoru, Csomora, Csoemor, and Csoemora.

The Csomor surname can also be found with other similar Hungarian surnames, such as Szomor, Szomora, and Szomori, as well as Somor, Somora, and Somori. The variations of these surnames can also be found in other countries, such as Romania, the Czech Republic, and Slovakia.

In Hungary, Csomor is most commonly used as a given name, but it can also be found as a surname. It is thought to come from two words in the Hungarian language, csömör and csikó, which both mean “swift” and “small horse” respectively. It can be seen as a kind of nickname to signify someone of small stature.

Other surnames of the same origin as Csomor include Simor, Szemer, and Szemerey. These surnames are derived from the same word as Csomor, “csömör”, and can be found in both Hungary and Romania.

In Romania, other similar surnames can be found such as Ciomor, Ciomorou, and Ciomoru. These surnames are variants of the same origin as Csomor, and were likely used by people of Hungarian ancestory living in Romania.

All of these variants of the Csomor surname are believed to have originated from the same source, and were likely used by people of Hungarian background living in different countries.

Famous people with the name Csomor

  • Veronika Csomor: Veronika Csomor is a Hungarian actress and screenwriter best known for her starring roles in the independent art house films Adoption and Refuge.
  • Attila Csomor: Attila Csomor is a Hungarian Olympic shooter who competed in the 1980 Summer Olympics and won a bronze medal in the men's 10 metre air rifle event in 1980.
  • Dénes Csomor: Dénes Csomor is a Hungarian swimmer who competed in the 2000 Summer Olympics and placed 8th in the men's 400 metre individual medley.
  • Peter Csomor: Peter Csomor is a retired Hungarian footballer and coach. He had a successful playing career at Bp. Honvéd FC and later went on to become a coach in the Hungarian football league, taking charge of teams such as Bp. Honvéd FC, Szolnoki MÁV FC and MTK Budapest FC.
  • László Csomor: László Csomor is a Hungarian politician and member of the European Parliament. He is a member of the Democratic Coalition and sits on the European Parliament's Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs.
  • Gábor Csomor: Gábor Csomor is a Hungarian basketball player who currently plays for Szolnoki Olaj KK in the Hungarian League. He was a member of the Hungarian national team and also won a silver medal at the FIBA Under-20 European Championship.
  • László Csomor Jr.: László Csomor Jr. is a Hungarian artist, filmmaker and writer. He is best known for his documentary films, which have been screened at various international film festivals.

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