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Surname Kies - Meaning and Origin

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Kies: What does the surname Kies mean?

The surname "Kies" is of German origin. Translated into English, "Kies" means "gravel" or "pebble". It is believed to be a topographic name for someone who lived in an area dense with gravel or pebbles. This could be reflective of the geographical terrain in parts of Germany, indicating that the original bearers of the name may have inhabited or owned such areas. Sometimes, these topographic surnames were also bestowed based on the individual's occupation, so it's possible that the name "Kies" may have been given to someone who worked with gravel or pebbles, such as a road constructor or a builder. As with many surnames, the meaning of "Kies" can not be absolutely certain as it could have developed different connotations over centuries and across regions.

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Kies: Where does the name Kies come from?

The surname Kies has German origins. The name Kies derived from the Middle High German term "kiez," meaning “gravel” or “small stone.” It was often used as a topographic name for someone who lived on a patch of stony ground, or possibly as a metonymic occupational name for someone who worked in a quarry. Today, the surname Kies remains most common in Germany, but can also be found among populations in the United States, Canada, South Africa, and other parts of the world where German descendants have settled. Commensurate with global migration trends and the passage of time, the frequency and distribution of the surname have become increasingly dispersed.

Variations of the surname Kies

The surname Kies is of German origin. Variations of this surname in both spelling and pronunciation can range widely, in part due to regional differences and the evolution of language over time. Some of the Kies surname variants include: Kieß, Kießling, Kiefer, Kiesel, Kiesler, Kiesewetter, Kiesinger, Kiesewetter, and Kiesewalter. It's also possible that the surnames Keys, Kease, Kees, Keas, and Keese could be anglicized versions of Kies.

The surname may have derived from the Middle High German term "kis" for gravel or pebble, and may be linked to occupation—such as stonemasons or builders—or location—those who lived in a stony place. Therefore, surnames such as Pebble or Stone could potentially have a similar occupational or locational origin.

It is also possible that Kies could be a variant of the Dutch surname Keyser, which is derived from the term for "emperor".

Please keep in mind that surnames can have multiple origins and meanings, and these are potential variants, not guaranteed matches.

Famous people with the name Kies

  • Kevin Kies: American professional basketball player
  • Rachel Kies: American professional artist
  • Brent Kies: Mississippi State Representative
  • Serge Kies: German Jazz musician and composer
  • Charles Kies: American rabbi and author
  • Ruth Kies: American social scientist
  • Boris Kies: Russian zoologist
  • Robert Kies: Professor of Medicine at the University of Wisconsin–Madison
  • Scott Kies: American musician and singer-songwriter
  • Winfield Kies: American military officer and Medal of Honor recipient

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