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Surname Maak - Meaning and Origin

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Maak: What does the surname Maak mean?

The surname Maak is a common Germanic-language surname, common throughout northern Europe and North America. It is derived from the old Dutch term 'maak', which means 'small' or 'little'.

The earliest Maak families are believed to have come from Germany, where the name is recorded in various spellings as early as the 13th century. Maak is also common in Holland, Poland, Sweden, Norway, and Finland.

Most people with the Maak surname are of Germanic, Dutch, or Scandinavian descent, although there are a few exceptions. It can be found among people of other nationalities, particularly in the United States.

Maak is a unisex name, with no recognizably male or female forms. It can be used as a given name or surname, depending on the area and culture. Given names based on the Maak surname include Maak, Maks, Maaks, Maakke, Mak, and Makke.

The meaning of Maak is seen in the Netherlands as positive and signifies something small, humble, and/or precious. As a surname, it can imply a desire to protect one's family or an important piece of land. Maak can also suggest the importance of small things in life.

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Maak: Where does the name Maak come from?

The last name Maak can be found in various countries around the world. In the United States, the surname Maak is primarily found in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, but has some presence in other states. In Canada, the surname Maak is primarily found in Ontario, with a smaller presence in Alberta, British Columbia, and Quebec.

Moving to Europe, the surname Maak is most commonly found in the Netherlands, Germany, and Denmark. This could be a result of the surname originating in Germany; its origin is believed to come from the Germanic words “mak” (which means “mark”) and “mar” (which means “famous”).

In other parts of the world, the surname Maak can be found in South Africa, Indonesia, Malaysia, India, and the Philippines. In each of these countries, the surname is more prominent in certain areas or regions than others. For example, it is most common in the Northern Cape province of South Africa, while in India, the surname is most commonly found in the state of Uttar Pradesh.

Overall, the surname Maak is most common in North America and Europe, though it can also be found in parts of Asia, Africa, and the Pacific Islands. An estimated 1 in every 270,000 people in the world today bears the Maak surname.

Variations of the surname Maak

The surname Maak can have many spellings and variants depending on the country or culture it has been passed through.

Mäkelä/Mäkele is the most common Finnish spelling of the surname Maak, whereas Mäki is a less common variant.

In English speaking countries, the spelling Mak may be used. A double 'a' may also be used in this form.

In Germany the surname is often spelled Mäck. Other German forms include Maech, Mäch, Meich, Maag, Maick, Mack, and Mayck.

The Swedish spelling of the Maak surname is usually Mak or Måk, although Meck and Maack can also be seen in rare circumstances.

In the Netherlands, the Maak name is often spelled Maack, Mams or Meck.

Other international spellings include Maack, Máč, Máček, Maac, Maakkos, Maiac, Mako, Make, Maki, Maković and Makovička.

In some cultures, different surnames may share a similar origin with the Maak surname. Examples of this include Mech, Meacher, Macartney, Meston, Meeks, Maccallum, MacDougall, and MacKenzie in the English language.

Maack, Mäck, Maki, Mack, Make, Meach, Meacher, Mech, Meston, Meeks, MacDougall, Macartney, MacKenzie, Maac, Máč, Mako, Maakkos, Maković and Makovička are all considered related to the surname Maak.

Famous people with the name Maak

  • Yannick Maak: German professional football player
  • Hansel Maak: Filipino professional basketball player
  • Kerstin Maak: member of the German Olympic fencing team
  • Antje Maak: German former road racing cyclist
  • Teresa Maak: American literature professor
  • Markus Maak: German author, freelance publicist and leading expert in behavioral research
  • Heinrich Maak: Austrianborn French sculptor
  • Carsten Maak: German former weather analyst and meteorologist
  • Benjamin Maak: Australian former professional baseball player
  • Willem Maak: Dutch professional basketball player
  • David Maak: German composer and sound engineer
  • Ernie Maak: Dutch former sidecar motorcycle racer
  • Christian Maak: Dutch amateur diving officer and Olympian
  • Mark Maak: former professional American football player
  • Justin Maak: Canadian former professional soccer player
  • Stefan Maak: German former international field hockey player
  • Jan Maak: Dutch former professional backstroke swimmer
  • Julie Maak: Austrian wheelchair curler
  • Linn Maak: Norwegian professional dressage rider
  • Elvan Maak: Swiss professional cyclist and former world-record holder

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