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Surname Maas - Meaning and Origin

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Tracing the Historical Tapestry of Ancestry and Migration through the Surname 'Maas' with an in-depth iGENEA DNA Test

Undertaking a comprehensive iGENEA DNA test justified my curiosity about my lineage, particularly the secrets hidden within the surname 'Maas'. Revealing connections stretching back to prehistoric migrations, from the re-colonisation of Northwestern Europe after the last ice age to the early Near-Eastern farmers, the name 'Maas' carries an illustrious history rooted in both Northwestern and Eastern Europe.

E. Maas

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Maas: What does the surname Maas mean?

The last name Maas is of German, Dutch, and Jewish origin. It is a patronymic surname, which means it is derived from the given name of a father or ancestor. The given name is either an abbreviated form of the German and Dutch element “Mar” meaning “famous” or the Yiddish element “Meis” meaning “master” or “teacher”.

The earliest recorded instance of the name Maas is at the beginning of the 15th century, when Johan Mases recorded his signature in the Burgundian court. The Maas name is also found in various other European countries like Austria, Hungary, Poland, England and the Netherlands.

People who bear the Maas surname might be descendants of German immigrants who travelled to the United States in the early 19th century, fleeing poverty and religious persecution. The name has since spread beyond the United States, making its way to Canada, Australia and other countries.

Today, the Maas surname is most commonly found in Germany, the Netherlands, and the United States. Those who bear the name likely have ancestors who trace their heritage back to Germany, Austria, Hungary, Netherlands or America.

The Maas surname is a reminder of a shared legacy between various cultures. It is also a reminder of the perseverance of the many people who have peacefully endured changing cultural climates and harrowing journeys - proving that strong family connections can transcend borders and centuries.

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Maas: Where does the name Maas come from?

The last name Maas is most commonly found in Germany, The Netherlands, and Belgium today. It is also present in parts of France, including the Picardy and Champagne-Ardenne regions. In Germany, the Maas family name can most commonly be found in the western states, particularly Rhineland-Palatinate. In The Netherlands, it is most common in the provinces of Limburg and North Brabant. Dutch immigrants also tend to carry the name to countries such as the United States, Canada, South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand.

In the United States, the Maas family name is mostly concentrated in the Northeast, including New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Massachusetts. This is likely due to a large population of Dutch immigrants and their descendants living in the region. In the Midwest, the last name Maas is mainly found in Illinois, Iowa, and Minnesota, and is primarily concentrated around these states' respective Dutch-American communities. In the South, Maas families are rare, but can be occasionally seen in the southeastern states such as Virginia and North Carolina.

In terms of cultural and professional backgrounds, the Maas family name is generally associated with agriculture and other rural activities. The name is also linked to several prominent lifestyle and business sectors, particularly food and beer production, engineering, and architecture. This resemblance of the name Maas to the old Dutch word 'maas'—meaning 'floating basin' or 'trench'—suggests that the original families may have had a nautical history.

Variations of the surname Maas

Maas is a Dutch surname of Germanic origin, meaning ‘marsh’ or ‘swamp’. As many Dutch surnames, it has evolved over the centuries, and several variations and spellings now exist. The most common spelling is Maas, but variants like Maes, Maese, Maex, Maeyssen, Maeysen, Meessen, Mes, Meesen, and Maessen can also be found. Variations of the surname Maas can also be spelled with double ‘a’s, like Maaß or Maass.

Maas is also the surnames of many families in other countries, including Germany, Switzerland, Belgium and France. The variants of the German Maas spelling would be Maeß, Maaß, Mass, Meß and Mäß. In Belgium, the Maas surname is usually spelled Maes, and in France, it is mostly Mass or Massé.

The surname Maas can also be found in families with different surnames but with the same origin. Some of these surnames include Masson, Masset, Massin, Pollas, Maessen, Depasse, Michels, Mast, Mos, Moos, de Maast, and Massac.

Overall, Maas is an established surname with many variants, spelling and surnames of the same origin. Its widespread use in the Netherlands as well as its various countries of origin make it an interesting surname to research.

Famous people with the name Maas

  • Dirk Maas (football coach)
  • Justus Maas (former Dutch professional road bicycle racer)
  • Murry Maas (actor)
  • Roland Maas (former Dutch swimmer)
  • Frank Maas (author)
  • Sieb Maas (Dutch European Commission official)
  • Kelly Maas (volleyball player)
  • Bob Maas (political affairs specialist with the World Bank)
  • Christian Maas (novelist)
  • Nico Maas (politician)
  • Hugh Maas (American musician and teacher)
  • André Maas (German politician)
  • Bailey Maas (American artist) 14.kellymaas, Australian swimmer
  • Saskia Maas-Westerveld (Dutch Olympic equestrian)
  • Wolf Woestenv Maas (Dutch entrepreneur)
  • Reid Maas (American golf director)
  • Karen Maas (weightlifter)
  • Julian Maas (Dutch painter) 20.MAAS Brothers,Mark and Johannes electro-rock band.

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