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Surname Maat - Meaning and Origin

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Maat: What does the surname Maat mean?

The last name Maat is derived from an ancient Egyptian goddess of the same name. In ancient Egyptian mythology, Maat was the goddess of justice, truth, and balance, and she was seen as the personification of cosmos. She is often depicted wearing the crown of two feathers, symbolizing both knowledge and power.

Maat was believed to be the daughter of Ra, the sun god, and was associated with good and bad karma. Ancient Egyptians believed that Maat was responsible for regulating the universe and brought order to chaos.

Since ancient times, the name Maat has been representative of a moral code of conduct. It is believed that ancient Egyptians adopted the goddess' name for their own to live their lives by the moral code of duality inspired by Maat.

In contemporary times, the surname is seen as having a positive connotation and is often associated with the concept of justice. People who go by Maat in today's society are usually associated with being law-abiding citizens and being socially responsible.

For those who go by the name Maat, it serves as a reminder that fairness and justice are elements of life that should never be taken for granted. It also serves as a reminder of the ancient Egyptian belief that in order for peace and harmony to exist, a moral code should always be observed.

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Maat: Where does the name Maat come from?

The last name Maat is of Dutch origin and is believed to have been derived from the word "mat," which means "good" or "excellent." Historically, the Maat surname was most commonly found in the Dutch province of South Holland, but today it is spread across Europe and the Netherlands. The Netherlands is still the country with the highest prevalence of people bearing the Maat surname, with more than 13,000 individuals who bear the surname there.

The surname is also found throughout Europe today, particularly in Germany, France, Belgium, and the United Kingdom. Thanks to migration patterns from these countries to the United States and other countries around the world, the Maat surname can also be found in many other places, including North and South America, Africa, Australia, and Asia.

In the United States, the Maat surname is most commonly found in California and the San Francisco Bay Area. Another significant concentration of Maat people can be found in Volusia County, Florida, which is located just north of Orlando and home to many Dutch immigrants and their descendants.

Despite its relative rarity outside of Holland and Europe, the Maat surname is common in many countries today. And, of course, those who bear the Maat name owe their existence to its original Dutch origins.

Variations of the surname Maat

The surname Maat is derived from Dutch and is widely found in the Netherlands, South Africa, Germany, France and other countries around the world. It is believed to have been originally derived from the Dutch word "macht," which is an archaic word meaning "power" or "strength."

Variants of the surname Maat are Mätt, Mata, Matt, Mott, Maut, Mato, Mati, Matti, Maty, Maht, Mahte, Matte, Maath, Mathe, Maaten and Matheussen.

Spellings of the surname Maat include Mata, Mätt, Maut, Matt, Mott, Mati, Matti, Maatten, Maten and Maat.

Surnames of the same origin include Mähler, Mator, Mohler, Mauler, Meder, Meler, Meiler, Morten, Mauze, Meiszen, Messer and Matzer.

In addition to the variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin, the surname Maat is also found in the form of a prefix, for example, de Maat and van de Maat. These are also widely used by families in the Netherlands.

Famous people with the name Maat

  • Paul Maat: professional soccer player
  • Helga Maat: Olympic swimmer
  • Janine Maat: Paralympic wheelchair sprinter
  • Roger Maat: Dutch figure skater
  • Sarah Maat: founding member of The Amsterdam LGBT Choir
  • Maarten Maat: Dutch composer, conductor, and musicologist
  • Mart Maat: Dutch historian and author
  • Yoshi Maat: Japanese ice hockey player
  • Samuel Maat: Dutch boxer
  • Lennart Maat: Dutch jazz musician and composer

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