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Surname Para - Meaning and Origin

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Para: What does the surname Para mean?

The surname Para has different meanings and origins. In South India, it's derived from the Sanskrit word 'Parā', which means 'supreme' or 'higher'. Therefore, in this context, it might indicate a person of higher status or prestige. In Spanish, 'para' translates to 'stop' or 'for', but it is not typically used as a surname. In the context of surnames, Para may be a variant spelling of the Northern English name 'Parr', which is of medieval origin and originates from the name of a place in Lancashire. The name Parr is thought to mean 'enclosure' or 'dwelling'. Alternatively, 'Para' may also be of Greek origin, where it is a short form of the name 'Paraskevas', meaning 'to prepare'. Considered a unisex name, 'Paraskevas' is usually given to those born on a Friday. Given the widespread use and various origins of the name, the exact meaning of the last name 'Para' depends largely on the individual family's lineage and history.

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Para: Where does the name Para come from?

The surname Para is most commonly found in the countries of East Asia, particularly those of the Southeast region. A majority of families who carry the surname are located in the countries of Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, the Philippines, Malaysia, and Indonesia. Traditionally, the surname can have both Hindu and Buddhist origins.

Various alternative spellings of Para exist, such as Prada, Prade, Parada, and Prado. The most common spelling, however, is Para, the spelling that is found most in the countries of Asia mentioned previously. It is a surname that is quite widespread and popular, with the countries alone which carry high populations of individuals with the surname having over two billion citizens in total.

As of 2019, the United States is home to 1,858 individuals who have the surname Para. Many, however, originally trace their ancestry back to some of the Asian countries previously mentioned. While a number of the citizens in the United States with the name are of Asian descent, there are also a number of families with the surname who are of Latin American or Eastern European descent, either adopted the surname from their ancestors, or have since changed the name to Paredes, Prado, or some other variation of the name.

The surname Para is a quite popular name throughout East Asia, as well as a number of countries in Central and South America. In the United States, it is also common, though the majority of individuals who carry the surname trace their lineage back to some of the previously mentioned countries in Asia.

Variations of the surname Para

The surname Para has several variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin. Even though its primary usage is in Spanish-speaking countries, it is also found in regions of Italian and Portuguese usage. The most common variants include Parra, Pare, and Parras.

Para is typically used as a metronymic surname, which is a name derived from the name of a mother or female ancestor. An example of this is the various spellings of “Parra”, derived from the Latin phrase “Mater Parra”, meaning “mother of many children”.

The most commonly used spelling is Para. This version comes from the Spanish word “par”, which means “around” or “combining”. This has its roots in the Italian and Portuguese languages and is usually found in areas where Spanish is not the primary language.

Other variants and spellings of this surname include Parado, Parrado, Parras, Parriz, Parry, and Pari. Parry is an Anglicized form of Para derived from the Irish language. Parrado is from the Spanish “parrado”, meaning near or by or alongside. Parado is also used as a variant of the Para surname.

Surnames of the same origin as Para include Garcia, Puerta, Gara, Goday, Prado, and Puya. All of these are generally found in Spanish-speaking regions and have their root in the Latin language. Each of these surnames has their own respective variants and spellings, which may be used in conjunction with the original Para surname.

Famous people with the name Para

  • Isabel Parra, Chilean singer and songwriter
  • Adam Para, professional American football offensive guard
  • Gillian Para, honoree for Best News Personality in the 2018 Oregon Student Film Awards
  • Ignacio Parra, Venezuelan actor best known for his roles in television series such as La viuda de Blanco and La Promesa
  • Jennifer Parra, Peruvian singer, actress and painter
  • Frances Parra Sanchez, Venezuelan journalist with a focus in current events
  • Ernesto Parra Reina, Mexican actor best known for his roles in Los Hijos de nadie and Las Muñecas del Fénix
  • Abner Parra Alonso, Spanish musician
  • Pedro Parra, Chilean agricultural engineer and wine connoisseur
  • Jorge Parra, Colombian musician, composer and producer.

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