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Surname Tadlock - Meaning and Origin

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Tadlock: What does the surname Tadlock mean?

The surname Tadlock is of English origin and it is assumed to be a locational surname, deriving from a place name. The exact place, however, is not known. The usage of locational surnames often indicated that the original bearer has moved from his birthplace and the new name served as a reference to his former residence. The term 'lock' in Old English refers to an enclosure or a barrier such as a lock of a canal, while 'Tad' might be a personal or place name. So, Tadlock could possibly mean 'enclosure or lock of Tad'. However, without a specific place of origin connected to the name, this is conjecture. This name can be found in multiple forms including Tadlock, Tadlow, Thadlock and others. Surnames have evolved over the centuries due to migration, language development, and cultural assimilation, often making their historical origins and meanings unclear.

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Tadlock: Where does the name Tadlock come from?

The last name Tadlock is most commonly found in the United States. Though the name has a long history, it is difficult to trace the exact geographic origin of the surname. The earliest known reference to the name in the United States is found in a 1635 record from a court in Massachusetts. In the 19th and 20th centuries, many Tadlocks moved to other parts of the United States. Today, the greatest concentration of people with the last name Tadlock lives in the South and the Midwest in states such as Tennessee, Kentucky, Virginia, and Missouri. According to the 2020 US Census, Missouri had the most population of people with the surname Tadlock. The second highest concentration of Tadlocks can be found in Tennessee. There are also significant numbers of Tadlocks living in Ohio, Indiana, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania. A few Tadlocks are documented in other countries, such as Canada, France, Australia, England, and Germany. Given the wide geographic spread of the Tadlock name, it is likely that the surname is of Anglo-Saxon or Norman origin. It is possible that the original ancestor of the Tadlock family was a soldier or a nobleman from France who immigrated to Britain or America in the 11th or 12th centuries.

Variations of the surname Tadlock

The surname Tadlock is of English origin and is a locational or topographical surname for a person who had lived near a lock on a river. It has many variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin.

Tadlock and Tatlocks are the most direct versions of the surname, while variants of the name include Tadlack, Tatlock, Telack, Talcot, Teil and Teallock. Spellings of the name that exist include Tadlock, Tatlock, Tadlack, Talock, Taloc and Talocke.

Surnames of the same origin include Tarlock, Talack, Taltuck, Tallet, Talit, Taltock, Taltox, Tillet, and Tillett. Variants of the same origin include Talcoat, Talcote, Tailby, Tullock, Tallet, and Tillot.

Some alternative spellings of the name include Tadlocke, Tadloke, Talacke, Tellack, Telock, Tullock, Tullcox and Tylcox. Variants of the same origin include Tokoll, Tollock, Tailor, Tayler, Talar, Teailey and Teler.

In conclusion, the surname Tadlock has many variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin, allowing researchers to identify and connect their family history.

Famous people with the name Tadlock

  • Matt Tadlock: an American professional baseball coach and scout in Major League Baseball
  • Dave Tadlock: an American professional stock car racing driver
  • Mark Tadlock: an American engineer and college professor
  • Michael Tadlock: an American voice actor and spokesperson.
  • Joe Tadlock: an American jazz and classical music pianist
  • Rob Tadlock: an American political science professor and author
  • Jimmy Tadlock: an American blues guitarist and singer
  • Sam Tadlock: a former professional American football player
  • Amy Tadlock: an American artist and educator
  • Wayne Tadlock: an American artist, professional photographer, and educator

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