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Surname Taentzler - Meaning and Origin

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Taentzler: What does the surname Taentzler mean?

The surname Taentzler is of German origin and can be found in various records ranging from the 13th century. The name is derived from the Middle High German (MHG) word “tanc” or “tanz”, which means “dance”. This suggests that the first bearers of the name were likely employed as dancing teachers or musicians.

Another possible source is the MHG word “tanz” which was initially used to refer to a type of court or manor. It is believed that the Taentzler name-bearers may have been owners of these manors or otherwise affiliated with them.

The Taentzler family has provided a number of prominent people to German history. In the 17th century, a member of the Taentzler family, Hans Ulrich von Taentzler, was a prominent military leader and one of the earliest members of the Prussian military. Other important members of the Taentzler family include the mathematician, Johann Christian Taentzler, and the scientist and philosopher, Johann Friedrich Taentzler.

Today, the Taentzler family is still respected and celebrated for its contribution to German culture and history. As such, the Taentzler name is steeped in tradition and carries a deep sense of pride and respect for its ancient legacy.

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Taentzler: Where does the name Taentzler come from?

The last name Taentzler is most commonly found in Germany, with some variant spellings such as Taentler and Taentzler. In Germany, the name is found in several regions, including the southeastern part of Germany in the area of Bavaria. Many Taentzler families also live in the Munich and Berlin metropolitan areas.

In addition, some Taentzler families have moved to the United States and other countries. In the United States, the highest concentrations of Taentzler families can be found in Wisconsin and Illinois, with a few in other parts of the Midwest and Northeast. However, the frequency of the name does vary from state to state, and many Taentzlers have become established in other countries such as Canada, Mexico, and Australia.

Overall, the name is fairly uncommon in Germany and most parts of the U.S. with few Taentzlers listed in the phone book or online, however, the name still has enough presence to form small family networks across multiple geographies.

Variations of the surname Taentzler

Taentzler is a German surname of unclear origin. It is usually found in Germany, the Netherlands, Austria, and the Czech Republic. Variants of the surname include Taenzler, Taenzl, Taenzler, Tanzenberger, Tanzenberg, Taentscher, Taendzler, Täntzler, Taentzsch, Taentzsch, Tänzler, Taentsler, Taenziger, Tanzenbacher, and Tanxenberger.

Taentzler is generally derived from the German words “Tänzer” or “Tanzer”, which refer to a “dancer.” It likely came from an ancestor who described himself as a “dancer” or from someone who made a living as a dancer. It is also speculated that the surname Taentzler evolved from the biblical term “Tanzel”, which is similar to the word “Tanzen”, meaning “to dance”.

Alternative spellings of Taentzler are Taenzler or Tänzler and sometimes Taentscher. Depending on the region, some people even changed the spelling of the name to Tanzenberger or Tanzenbacher. Variants like Taenzl and Taendzler are also known.

Taentzler is an uncommon surname and there are very few people who carry it. However, it may be associated with several people of note. For example, Singer, composer, and pianist Jessica Taenzler was born to a German-American family which bore the Taentzler surname. Annette Taenzler is a German professional tennis player. American photojournalist Anthony Taentzler is also known to carry the surname.

Famous people with the name Taentzler

  • Adrian Tanzler, German poet and writer
  • Leslie Tanzler, author of novels and children's books
  • Simone Tanzler-Moon, marketing consultant
  • Philipp Taentzler, German psychiatrist and psychoanalyst
  • Renate Tanzler, American artist and sculptor
  • Jürgen Taentzler, German actor and musician
  • Georg Tantzler, German businessman and philanthropist
  • Heinz Taentzler, Austrian classical music composer
  • Richard Tanzler, Archeologist and professor
  • Dietrich Tantzler, composer and conductor
  • Johann Tanzler, German politician and statesman
  • Ernst Tanzler, Austrian army officer
  • Hugo Tanzler, German engineer and inventor
  • Bernhard Taentzler, Austrian painter and sculptor
  • Hugo Taentzler, Austrian mathematician and scientist

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