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Surname Taenzler - Meaning and Origin

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Taenzler: What does the surname Taenzler mean?

The last name Taenzler is of German origin and is believed to be derived from an occupational name for a fuller. A fuller was a person who tended to and shrank woolen cloth by soaking it in water, stretching it on fulling stocks, and beating the fabric with a fuller's club.

As a surname, Taenzler is a toponymic last name, meaning it was used to identify people by their place of origin, in this case, mainly regions in present-day Germany. It is most commonly found in Bavaria and Northern Germany. Due to a combination of Nazism during World War II and emigration, the number of people bearing the Taenzler name has greatly reduced.

Although the exact history of the Taenzler name is unknown, records suggest that variants of the name date back to the middle of the 13th century. Early spellings include Taentzler, Taentzer, and Tanzler.

The Taenzler name is typical of German last names, with a descriptive and occupational element at its core. It is also a classic example of the modern day surname ‘Taenzler’, with its subtle pre-industrial origin becoming more and more obscured in our current society.

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Taenzler: Where does the name Taenzler come from?

The last name Taenzler is most commonly found today in Germany, where it is from originally. It is an old German surname, derived from an old German word meaning ‘weaver’ or ‘fuller’, indicating someone who may have had that occupation during the medieval period. As such, there are many variations of the name, such as Tenzler, Taenzler, Taenzeler, and Taenzel.

The White Pages online directory shows that the Taenzler surname in Germany today is concentrated in the states of Bavaria, North Rhine-Westphalia, and Hesse. Furthermore, according to, this surname is also found with some regularity in Switzerland, France, Austria, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Poland, United Kingdom, and the United States.

In the United States, the Taenzler surname is found predominantly in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Wisconsin, and Michigan; although individuals can be found across the country. The Social Security Administration’s Death Master File Index shows that the surname Taenzler has been in the United States since at least 1893, when it was first recorded in the City of Detroit.

The Taenzler name may also be found in many other countries around the world, as some notable individuals have emigrated from their original homeland to far-off lands. Generally speaking, the Taenzler surname is most commonly found in the countries of Europe – such as Germany, Switzerland, France, and the UK – as well as in the United States.

Variations of the surname Taenzler

The surname Taenzler is believed to have Germanic, Polish or Czech origins. It is most commonly spelled Tänzler, revealing its Germanic roots, and it can also be seen as Taenzle, Taenzl, Tanzler, Tanzla, Tanzl, and Tenzler.

In Germany, the spelling is usually Taenzler, Taenzle, Tanzler (or Tanzla) or Tanzl. Taenzler is quite common in Lower Saxony, North Rhine-Westphalia, and Bavaria, in particular in and around Bautzen and the town of Thum in Saxony. In the Czech Republic and Poland, the name is usually seen as Taenzler, Tenzler or Tanzl.

Variations of the Taenzler surname across other countries can include Tansel, Tänzel, Tänzer, Tanzley, Tanzil, and Tanzill. The Taen DR. Kle family was once prominent in Vienna, and their name is seen most commonly as Taenzler today.

The name Taenzler is thought to have originally derived from the personal name Tancila, or Dunzil, which is likely of Slavic, Dutch or German origin. It could also be derived from the Middle High German word "Tanz", meaning a dance.

There are several different spellings of the name, but all variants are thought to be of the same origin. The surname can be found across European countries, and many people with the Taenzler surname have emigrated from their homeland in search of new opportunities.

Famous people with the name Taenzler

  • Ophélie Taenzler: television actress
  • Yves Taenzler: former football player
  • Sarah Taenzler: artist and sculptor
  • Meike Taenzler: musician
  • Hannah Taenzler: opera singer
  • Pierre Taenzler: chef and restaurateur
  • Sven Taenzler: director
  • Annika Taenzler: reality television star
  • Sophie Taenzler: politician
  • Charlotte Taenzler: writer and poet

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