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Surname Taepper - Meaning and Origin

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Taepper: What does the surname Taepper mean?

The last name Taepper is a German surname which indicates that the original bearers of the name were from an area known as Tappen which is located in the north of Germany. This region is known for its agricultural production, particularly of rye and barley, indicating that the original bearers of this name may have been farmers or agricultural workers.

The name Taepper itself is derived from the Old High German word ‘tappen’ which means ‘tap’ or ‘tap hole’. This could suggest a possible occupational origin of the name, as tappen was used to refer to a tapper of casks and barrels, or to a person who worked as a tavern keeper or publican. It is also possible that the name was an occupational nickname given to someone who was a proficient keeper of horses, such as a stable master, which is another meaning for the word ‘tap’ in Old High German.

Taepper is a relatively rare name and it is thought that the name likely originated in an area around the Baltic sea. Over time, the name may have spread to other parts of Germany through migration and various instances of regional relocation and settlement. Though the name is rare, there are still a few Taepper families living in Germany, as well as some in the United States, who can trace their lineage back to the original surname.

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Taepper: Where does the name Taepper come from?

The last name Taepper is most common today in the northeastern region of the United States and is particularly well-represented in the states of New York and Pennsylvania. According to the US Census Bureau, the states with the highest concentration of Taeppers are New York (0.031%), Pennsylvania (0.019%), Massachusetts (0.010%), and New Jersey (0.005%).

The Taepper family traces their roots in America back to the late 18th century, when a man named Peter Teamp (later Americanized to Taepper) arrived in New York. By 1900, the Taepper family had settled along the eastern seaboard of the US, from New York down to North Carolina.

The Taepper name is thought to be German in origin, with some records suggesting that the Teamp family were of Dutch descent. The Taepper name has also been found in records from Germany, Netherlands, and other European countries, although it isn’t clear whether the surnames are related.

Today, the Taepper surname is still quite common in the northeastern US, especially in New York and Pennsylvania. This is likely owing to the family's long-running heritage in the region and their continued vitality in the northeast. The Taepper name remains popular and recognizable, as evidenced by the number of Taeppers still living in the region.

Variations of the surname Taepper

The surname Taepper can be found spelled in various ways, many of which include the spelling variations of: Taepker, Teepker, Tappendahl, Taepkerdahl, Teebker, Teepkerdahl, Taepkerdall, Taepkers, Teepkerdall, and Taepiken.

The origin of the name Taepper goes back to the Medieval German state of Saxony in East Germany. Initially, it was an occupational name for a "plater" or a "plater of pottery or fine metal objects", borrowed from the German word "Tapfern" which meant "to ornament with plates". It could also have been an occupational name for a "tinman" or a "metalworker".

As with many German names, Taepper could be found within many different surnames which have similar origin. Some of these surnames include Teepker, Teppor, Tebker, Teepkerdahl, Taipken, Tappendahl, Taepkerdahl, Taepkerdall, Teepkerdall, and Taepkers.

Given the Anglo-American influence in the migration of Germans and the changing of names for a variety of reasons, many of these same surnames had variations in spelling, such as Tebker, Teepker, Teppor, Taepken, Tappendahl, Teepkerdahl, Teepkerdall, Taepkerdall, Taepkers, and Taepiken.

Overall, Taepper is a surname with various alternate spellings and associated surnames, all of which trace their origin to the medieval German state of Saxony in Eastern Germany.

Famous people with the name Taepper

  • Karri Taepper, a Finnish singer, songwriter and producer.
  • Markus Taepper, a German musician, producer and film composer.
  • David Taieb, a French clarinetist, saxophonist and composer.
  • Mia Taiepper, a Swedish photographer and filmmaker.
  • Daniel Taieber, an Austrian actor, singer and dancer.
  • Fabian Taiepper, a German comedian, director and screenwriter.
  • Alexander Taepper, a German director and voice actor.
  • Daniel Taepper, a German composer, arranger and sound designer.
  • Jan Taepper, a Dutch artist and educator.
  • Lisa Taiepper, a German audio engineer and producer.

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