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Surname Taerney - Meaning and Origin

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Taerney: What does the surname Taerney mean?

The surname Taerney is not common and doesn't have well-documented origins or a specific meaning associated with it. It is likely a variant or misspelling of the last names Tierney or Kearney, both of which are Irish in origin. The name Tierney originates from the Gaelic "O'Tighearnaigh" meaning "descendant of the lord" or "descendant of Tighearnach". Similarly, the name Kearney originates from the Gaelic "O'Catharnaigh", which means "warlike" or "victorious". Please note that the specifics could vary significantly, as the spelling and interpretation of surnames have morphed over centuries due to factors like immigration and language changes. It's always recommended to explore personal genealogical records for more accurate ancestry information.

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Taerney: Where does the name Taerney come from?

Taerney is an Irish surname of Norman French origin, meaning “son of Tierney”. It was first recorded in 1381 in Donegal, Ireland, and was common throughout Ireland in its various forms for centuries. The name is currently most common in County Mayo and Sligo in Ireland.

Emigrants from Ireland who bore the name Taerney settled in various parts of the world, bringing the name with them. The Taerney surname is also common in the United States, specifically in the states of Massachusetts and New York, where the early settlers migrated. In later years, the Taerney name has become more widespread, primarily due to migration to other states in the Midwest and West Coast.

In the United Kingdom, the Taerney name is generally most commonly found in Northumbria, due to the strong Irish-American connections.

The Taerney name is also common in Canada, particularly in the provinces of Ontario and Nova Scotia. As with the United States, the Tapestry name has spread throughout the country due to Canadian migration.

The Taerney name is still relatively uncommon worldwide, although it is slowly becoming more well-known as people with this surname immigrate and marry outside of their family lineage. Today, Taerney is commonly found throughout the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, and elsewhere.

Variations of the surname Taerney

The surname Taerney has many variant spellings, as well as related surnames originating from Irish and Scottish roots. The most common variants are Tearney, Tierney, Torney, and Tournay. These variants may be seen as a mix of the original Irish and Scottish Gaelic spellings, which can also include O’Tierney, O’Tearney, and Ó Tuathail.

The Irish origin of the name comes from the Gaelic name Ó Tuathail which roughly translates to ‘descendant of Tuathal,’ the personal name of the 10th-century Irish King of Tara. This name is often Anglicised as Tierney which is still used today in Ireland and Scotland. The Scottish variant comes from the Gaelic Mac an t-Saoir which means ‘son of the craftsman’ and is usually seen as Torney.

Other variant spellings of the surname Taerney include Tairney, Tierny, Tiernay, Tiernye, Tirna, Fernandez, Fernez, Tarnay, Tarnaze, Tendey, O’Tiernay, and Tuathal. These surname variants may also incorporate other meaningful words, such as Treanaidh which translates to ‘battle ready.’

The surname Taerney is often used interchangeably with other related surnames, such as O’Brien, O’Connor, and Carney--all of which have their own variant spellings. Although it can be difficult to trace the exact origin of a given surname, the various variant spellings and related surnames of Taerney provide a hint at its longstanding roots in Gaelic culture.

Famous people with the name Taerney

  • John Tearney, Irish field hockey player.
  • Joseph C. Tearney, World War II Marine who received the Silver Star for gallantry in action.
  • Michal Tarnay, Australian painter and sculptor.
  • Mark Tearney, Irish professional rugby union player.
  • Robert Tearney, American actor.
  • Joseph Yusuf Tearney, American football player.
  • Genevieve Tearney, English actress.
  • Seamus Tearney, Australian football player.
  • Charlie Tearney, Argentine football coach.
  • Paul Tearney, Irish rugby player.
  • Jonny Tearney, British actor.
  • Mary Tearney, Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery in the Harvard Medical School.
  • Oliver Tearney, professional golfer from New Zealand.
  • Donald Tearney, actor and stuntman.
  • Lee Tearney: Weightlifter and former professional rugby union player.
  • Andrew Tearney, Hong Kong cricketer.
  • Michael Tearney Jr., American basketball player.
  • Michael Tearney Sr., American film actor.
  • John Tearney, California Democrat politician.
  • Jace Tearney, Canadian comedian and actor.

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