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Surname Tafolla - Meaning and Origin

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Tafolla: What does the surname Tafolla mean?

The last name Tafolla is of Spanish origin, having roots in the regions of both the Iberian Peninsula and the Americas. It is drawn from several sources but is most likely derived from the Old Spanish word "tafolla", which is defined as a small vessel or container used for various purposes and is a related to the Portuguese word "tavola". Later on, it was also used as a personal name. The Tafolla surname was likely given to a person with strong links to either of the Iberian regions or to the ornamental design of a tafolla.

The Tafolla surname is also associated with noble ancestry; the term is believed to derive from the Germanic word "tefel", meaning table or tablet. This suggests that at the time of its introduction to Spain, the name may have been a title of nobility or was given to a distinguished individual. Alternatively, it could have been used to denote a distinguished family with land and properties, or even a sibling whose older brother had died before they were born. As Spanish surnames developed in the 17th century, it is possible that the Tafolla name was bestowed upon the descendants of the original holder of the name.

In modern day, the last name Tafolla is widely found in countries with Spanish and Portuguese ancestry such as Spain, Mexico, and many Latin American countries. It looks forward to its origins in history and is a reminder of the rich past shared by these various regions.

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Tafolla: Where does the name Tafolla come from?

The last name Tafolla is most commonly found in the United States, Mexico, and South America. It is an old, established surname which was first recorded in the early 16th century in Spain.

In the United States, Tafolla is most commonly found in the Southwest, particularly in the states of Texas and Arizona. The largest concentration of individuals with the last name Tafolla is in California. It is also found in states such as New Mexico, Colorado, and Nevada.

In Mexico, Tafolla is mostly found in the northern states of Chihuahua, Coahuila, and Nuevo Leon. It is also discernable in the central and western regions of the country, including the states of Jalisco, Aguascalientes, and Zacatecas.

Tafolla is also found in several South American countries, including Argentina, Peru, Colombia, Brazil, and Paraguay.

Given its history, it is likely that the last name Tafolla will continue to remain an established family name for generations to come.

Variations of the surname Tafolla

The surname Tafolla is a patronymic and occupational surname derived from the Spanish word “Tafol.” The term “Tafol” is derived from the Latin word “Tabellius,” which means “maker or seller of tables,” meaning a woodworker or furniture-maker.

Variants of the surname Tafolla include Tafal, Tafall, Tafalll, Tafoll, Taffol, Tafolli, and Tafoola. Other surnames that can be listed as surnames of similar origin include Tavall, Tavel, Tavoll and Tavolo. Some variant spellings may also be seen including Tapolla, Tapolli, and Teffolla.

The surname Tafolla was historically found in Spain, Italy, Portugal and Mexico. In modern times, the surname is common in South and Central America as well as North America. Among the Spanish-speaking nations, the surname is particularly associated with Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador and Costa Rica.

Tafolla is also a popular surname among Puerto Rican Americans. Although less frequent, the surname can also be found among some Portuguese-speaking nations such as Brazil and Angola.

Regardless of the location, the surname Tafolla is believed to refer to a family descended fromDescendants of a woodworker, furniture maker or table maker.

Famous people with the name Tafolla

  • Mark Tafolla: American singer-songwriter and the frontman of the band Third Day.
  • Carlos Tafolla: American poet and author, best known for works such as The Street of Eagles and Plum & Jaggers.
  • Christine Tafolla: Democratic member of the Texas House of Representatives and a former school principal.
  • Roberto Tafolla: Former professional baseball player and current manager of the Omaha Storm Chasers.
  • Antonio Tafolla: American artist, writer, and lecturer from San Antonio, Texas.
  • Joe Tafolla: American guitarist who is a member of the progressive metal band Twisted Tower Dire.
  • Francisco Tafolla: Mexican sculptor and visual artist known for his sculptures in polychrome gypsum.
  • David Tafolla: Singer, songwriter and guitarist who is a member of the aforementioned band Third Day.
  • Lorena Tafolla: Democrat Texas State Representative and Miss Juneteenth USA 2019.
  • Constance Tafoya: an actress and executive producer known for her work on feature films, television shows, and commercials.

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