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Surname Tägetmeier - Meaning and Origin

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Tägetmeier: What does the surname Tägetmeier mean?

The last name Tägetmeier is an occupational name derived from the Old High German language. It is believed to come from the word tahtamâr which means cartwright. The name has been used to refer to a person that constructed or made repairs to wagons and carts, or someone who drove or managed wagons professionally.

The name Tägetmeier can be found first appearing in many records in the German region of Württemberg in the late 16th century. It is believed that the first inhabitant to bear this name was a wagon driver who worked in the castle of Maulbronn.

Today, many people bearing the name Tägetmeier have opted to modify the spelling of the name in order to make it more modern. A few examples of some alternate spellings include Tagemire, Tagemeer, Tagemaer, and Taguemeer. However, the original spelling is still the most commonly used.

The name Tägetmeier is a widely recognisable name in Germany today, especially throughout the region of Württemberg where it first originated. It is a unique and noble name that has been passed down through generations of people and continues to be seen today.

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Tägetmeier: Where does the name Tägetmeier come from?

The last name Tägetmeier is most commonly found in Germany. It is believed to be a German surname derived from Middle High German words, indicating a person who was an arrow cutter and seller. Although it does not have a history of being a well-known surname, its use in the modern world is still prominent.

Tägetmeier is typically seen in areas of northern Germany, such as Lübeck, Hamburg, and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. It is also a very common surname in Berlin and surrounding areas. In other parts of the world, the surname can be found in the United States, Canada, Australia, and other countries where German immigrants have settled.

In general, the Tägetmeier surname appears to have been quite common among German immigrants. It is most likely a classic example of how different generations were given a unique surname to differentiate them from their neighbors. This surname was likely used to easily identify a family’s generational ties, often stretching across time, and might have been designed to preserve a person’s identity even after migrating to a foreign country.

In the modern world, Tägetmeier is still very much in use and is currently placed at 7,439th in the German surname rankings. It is also a popular name in the United States, Australia, and Canada, although it is much less common than in Germany.

Variations of the surname Tägetmeier

The surname Tägetmeier is usually derived from the German word “tagger” meaning “carter” or “carrier” so it is likely that the surname was first used to denote someone who transported goods. It is sometimes written as Taegitmeier, Taegtmayer, and Tegtmayer and its variants are Tagmeir, Tagmeyer, Tagmeirer, Tagmaire, Tagmeier, Tagmayer, Tegmeir, Tegmayer, Tegmeier, Tegmeyer, Tegmeirer, Tegmaire and Tegmair.

The surname may also be a variant of a similar sounding German name like Taegenmaier, Tegenmaier, Tagemeyer, Tegemeyer, Tagemaire, Tegemaire, Tagemeier, Tegemeier, Tagemair, Tegemair, Tagemaier, Tegemaier, Tagemohr, Tegemohr, Tagemann, Tegemann, Tagemeyer, Tegemeyer, Tagemann, Tegemann, and Tagemoehr.

In some cases, it may also be a variant of other German surnames like Tagendorf, Taglien, Tegler, Teglhoff, Teggau, Tegge, Teggefuhr, Teginer, Tegler, Tegtmeier, Tegtmeyer, Täger, Tägerhof, Tägermeister and Tägerstätter.

In German, the surname is derived from the Old High German ‘tac’, which means ‘estate’, so it is possible that the surname was originally used to denote someone who owned an estate or farm. Other variant spellings of the surname include Taegtmeyr, Tägtmeier, Tägtmeyr, Taegtmeister, Tägtmeister, Taglmeister, Tagtlmaister and Tagelmeister.

In English, it is likely that the spelling of the surname has been anglicised and the spellings may be Tagetmier, Taggotmier, Tagessmier and Tagettmier. It could also be related to the surnames Tinker, Tinkermith, Tinkerman, Tinkersmith, Tomkinson, Tompkinson, Tomcison, or Tomisen, all of which are found in various parts of the United Kingdom.

Famous people with the name Tägetmeier

  • Jeff Tägetmeier: German professional basketball player
  • Henning Tägetmeier: German former professional football striker
  • Jan Tägetmeier: German curler and former professional ice hockey player
  • Christian Tägetmeier: German former professional footballer
  • Paul Tägetmeier: German composer and music theorist
  • Ronald Tägetmeier: German saxophonist, composer, and academic
  • Julia Tägetmeier: German actress and voice actress
  • Uwe Tägetmeier: German former skiing jumpers
  • Hans-Jürgen Tägetmeier: German politician and former Federal Minister of the Interior
  • Georg Tägetmeier: German professional footballer and manager

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