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Surname Tagvad - Meaning and Origin

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Tagvad: What does the surname Tagvad mean?

The last name Tagvad is of Danish origin and is derived from the Danish word “taghave”, meaning “castle’, “house” or “farmstead”. The name, which is relatively common throughout Denmark, is believed to have originated from those who inhabited a castle or estate, or from people who had the profession of a housekeeper or sustaining a castle. The name Tagvad is derived from the prefix “tag”, indicating roof, and then “vad”, which means ford. Therefore, one possible interpretation of this name is as a place where a homestead is situated at a ford.

Over the centuries, many Danes emigrated from their homeland to such places as the United States, Canada, and Australia. As a result, many Danish last names, including Tagvad, can be found outside of Denmark today.

Tagvad has also been used as a given name in some Danish families. Research indicates that the given name Tagvad Kohoff was used as early as the 1600s. In modern times, the name Tagvad is still fairly common in Denmark, and is also considered to be a legitimate surname in the United States.

In modern times, Tagvad has become intertwined with a number of Danish surnames. Some of these surnames include Tagdahl, Taghavad, Thomsen, Tolgaard, and Thomsen. While some of these surnames may be derived from the original meaning of the surname Tagvad, it is difficult to determine the exact etymology for all of them.

Overall, the surname Tagvad is a reminder of Denmark’s history and of all the journeys made by its people -- both in their homeland and abroad.

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Tagvad: Where does the name Tagvad come from?

The last name Tagvad is primarily found in Armenia and other countries in the Caucasus region. It is also found in other parts of the world, including the United States, where it has been for about a century in some cases.

In Armenia, Tagvad exists in Yerevan and the surrounding provinces, with some immigrants being recorded in the Russian Empire in the 19th century moving to other parts of the world. The name is most common in the eastern and northern regions of Armenia, though some families living in other areas have adopted it as well.

In the United States, Tagvad is mainly encountered in California and New Jersey, with a sizable population living in Los Angeles. There is also a smaller presence in the Midwest, with a few Tagvads living in Ohio, Wisconsin, and Minnesota.

In some cases, the name has been Anglicized to either Tagavdian or Tagvetian so that American audiences could more easily pronounce it. The name Tagvad has a few possible origin stories, tracing back to an Armenian word for ravine, or to the Yezidi-Kurdish language and meaning “happy day” or “energy”. However, there is no consensus on which of these theories is correct.

Overall, the name Tagvad is most common in Armenia and the countries of the Caucasus, with a sizeable population also present in the United States.

Variations of the surname Tagvad

Tagvad is a Scandinavian surname with Danish and Norwegian roots. Variations in spelling of the surname include Tagvaag, Tagvåg, Tagvård, Tagvård, Tagvørd and Tagværd. Other alternate spellings are Tagwaag, Tagwaard, Tagwaerd, Tagwaerd, Tagward and Tagwerd.

The Danish version is Tagvaad, while the Norwegian is Tagvåg. The Danish and Norwegian variation of the surname usually denote two distinct lines of the family. The Swedish form of the surname, Tagvård, is fairly similar to the Danish version, as Tagvård chiefly refers to a family who emanated from Denmark.

Tagvad is a patronymic surname, in which the name has been derived from the first name of the father. Tag is a pet form of a Scandinavian name such as Tage or Taage; and vad means ford. The patronymic part, '-vad', is a reference to a crossing of a watercourse.

The surname Tagvad (or its variants) can also have a toponymic origin, referring to a place of origin or one of ancestral residence. Tagvad is the Danish and Swedish version of a place name, derived from Tag, a pet form of a Scandinavian name; and vad, was a watercourse. Thus, the surname Tagvad means from the ford of Tage.

Tagvad is also seen as an anglicized version of an Irish surname, Taggett, derived from the Gaelic surname MacTadhg. In Irish, the original form of the surname is Mac Taidgh, meaning son of Tadhg.

The Tagvad surname also has variations with the addition of a prefix, such as JennisTagvad, HansenTagvad and LarsenTagvad. It may also be seen in its spelling variants and with a prefix, such as JennisTagvaad, HansenTagvaag, and LarsenTagvard.

Famous people with the name Tagvad

  • Arne Tagvad, Danish actor.
  • Lotte Tagvad, Danish actress.
  • Erdem Tagvad, Turkish actor.
  • John Tagvad, Danish footballer.
  • Bo Tagvad, Danish musician.
  • Niels Tagvad, Danish pianist.
  • Hans Tagvad, Danish painter.
  • Jens Tagvad, Danish sculptor.
  • Malene Tagvad, Danish singer and songwriter.
  • Kiran Tagvad, Danish computer scientist.
  • Søren Tagvad, Danish journalist.
  • Peter Tagvad, Danish theatre director.
  • Robert Tagvad, Danish composer.
  • Anders Tagvad, Danish cinematographer.
  • Carsten Tagvad, Danish conductor.
  • Brian Tagvad, Danish musician.
  • Karin Tagvad, Danish archaeologist.
  • Fredrik Tagvad, Danish painter.
  • Ebbe Tagvad, Danish art historian.
  • Camilla Tagvad, Danish actress.

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