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Surname Tarwater - Meaning and Origin

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Tarwater: What does the surname Tarwater mean?

The surname Tarwater has Germanic origins and is derived from the Old German elements ‘tar’, meaning ‘firm’, and ‘wasser’, meaning ‘water’. The surname was originally found in the German region of Silesia and was most likely adopted as a sign of the water resources in the area during the High Middle Ages.

As Tarwater spread throughout Europe, it was often shortened or mutated, leading to many variations, such as Terwater and Terwäster. It has been suggested that the surname has strong ties to Tarwe, an old word for wheat. This is supported by the fact that the surname appears in records from agricultural areas.

Today, Tarwater is primarily associated with the areas of Germany, the Netherlands, and England, although it is still found across much of Europe. It is believed that those with the surname Tarwater are likely descended from the same ancestor.

The surname Tarwater offers an interesting glimpse into the past and the history of the family’s journey across Europe over the centuries. The Tarwater surname has likely been around for more than a thousand years, providing a link between the present and the distant past.

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Tarwater: Where does the name Tarwater come from?

According to census records, the last name Tarwater is most common in the United States, specifically in the southern states of Texas, Georgia, and Alabama. This is believed to be because many of the original Tarwaters settled in these areas in the late 1700s.

The Tarwater name is also seen in some areas of the UK, Canada, and Australia. This indicates that the family has since spread out from their original settlement in the southern United States, likely due to the increasing opportunities available in other countries.

Additionally, the Tarwater last name appears to be much more popular among individuals of European descent. This is likely because many individuals with this last name are descended from original European settlers who gave the family their name.

Overall, the last name Tarwater is quite uncommon today, and likely originated from settlers who came to the southern United States hundreds of years ago. However, it can still be found in areas of the US, as well as other countries, though it is less common in some areas than others.

Variations of the surname Tarwater

The surname Tarwater can be found with several variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin.

Variants – The most commonly found variants of the surname Tarwater include Tarwarter, Taruater, Terwater andTarwarte.

Spellings - Variations in the spelling of Tarwater may include Tawater, Tawatter, Tharwater, Tarwaiter, Tarwatte, Tarweater and Tarwetter.

Surnames of the same origin – Other related surnames include Thorwater, Terweder, Turwater, Thorweder, Thorwetter and Turjeter.

Additional variants – Other variations of the surname Tarwater that may be derived from other countries or cultures include Tarrwater, Tarrwaeter, Torwather, Tarrwatter, Turvaeter, Tharwood, Thorwalt and Tarwood.

The origin of the surname Tarwater is uncertain and several theories may exist. Some suggest it could be of Germanic origin and derive from the German word "Tarw" which means "bear," and others suggest it may have French Huguenot roots and originate from the name "Taron." Ultimately, the history of the name remains unclear.

It is widely found throughout the United States, particularly in the South, likely reflecting its origins in the Scots-Irish settlers who moved to the region in the later 18th century. The surname can also be found in parts of England and Europe.

Famous people with the name Tarwater

  • L.D.Tarwater, author of the novel, Country of Dreams
  • Carson Tarwater, professional basketball player in the Philippines
  • Alex Tarwater, former American football player in the National Football League
  • Mayme Edna Tarwater, American folk artist
  • Robert and Linda Tarwater, parents of the film actor Jim Carrey
  • J. Gary Tarwater, American military officer and Medal of Honor recipient
  • Gary and Kim Tarwater, American twin photographers
  • Michael and Logan Tarwater, co-founders of the clothing line, Tarwater Outfitters
  • David Tarwater, songwriter and former frontman of the band, North Star
  • L.V. Tarwater, CEO and founder of the technology firm, Tarwater Technologies

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