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Surname Tavor - Meaning and Origin

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Tavor: What does the surname Tavor mean?

The last name Tavor is believed to have gained its origins from the Hebrew language. It is considered to be a Jewish name that could very possibly be derived from the word ‘tov’ which roughly translates to “good” or “kindness”. The name is thought to have its roots in the biblical book of Genesis where Laban, ancestor of Abraham, names his daughter Tovah which translates into ‘good’ in English.

It is possible that the last name Tavor originated as a form of a location based surname. It may have been adopted by families who lived in or around the general area near Tavor in Northern Israel. Alternatively, the name could have originated from a location in Germany known as Töver.

Due to the fact that the last name is of Jewish descent it is possible that the families that adopted it were once persecuted or discriminated against due to their cultural and religious background. This may have led them to look for a new name that could be used to help protect their identity and give their children a new start.

The last name Tavor could also be considered a habitation name. It could be the name for someone who lived in or near a place known as Tavor. The last name has also been documented in various parts of the world, most notably in the United States, Israel, and Germany, only adding to its circumstances of a diverse origin.

In the end, the true meaning of the last name Tavor remains a mystery. It could be derived from either the Hebrew language or even its ties to various locations throughout the world. While the origin of the name may never truly be known, it continues to be a unique and common surname throughout the world.

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Tavor: Where does the name Tavor come from?

The last name Tavor is most commonly found in Israel today. It is derived from the Hebrew word ṭavor, meaning “mountain” or “fortress.”

Tavor is a popular Sephardic Jewish surname and is believed to have originated in and around the 12th century in the ancient kingdom of Israel. It is also prevalent among the Jewish communities in North Africa and the Middle East.

Tavor is the Hebrew form of the surname “Tavar”, which was a common name in Portugal, Spain, and Germany. With Jewish immigration to those countries, the name was spread to other areas of Europe. During World War II, the majority of the Jewish population with that name experienced destruction and dispersal over Europe, ultimately leading to their migration to Israel in the years that followed.

Today, it is a highly common name among Israeli Jews, ranking among the top 500 most popular surnames in the country. It is also found among Jewish communities, especially those in Europe and North America, as a result of their emigration from Israel in the twentieth century.

The Hebrew form of Tavor is typically used in Israel, while the surname “Tavar” is often used outside the country. There are many famous people throughout the world that bear this surname, such as Israeli politician Aharon Tavor and the American business executive Kenneth Tavor.

Variations of the surname Tavor

The surname Tavor is a variant spelling of the name Tavora, originally derived from the Latin name Taurus, meaning ‘bull’. It is also an Ashkenazi Jewish surname, from a place name in the former Soviet Union, in what is now Lithuania. Other variants include Tavar, Tavarah, Tavoura, Tavarosh, Tavori, Tavora, Tavrosh, Tavory, Tavri, Tavris, Tawris, Tiara and Tevor.

Tavor may also be found in a variety of European countries under a number of different spellings, including Tavas, Tavares, Tavarez, Tavarino, Tavaris, Tavarez, Tavnor, Tavren, Tavora, Tavro, Tavros, Tevord, Tevarn and Tevor.

In the United States, the surname is most commonly pronounced as TAY-vor and is usually of Spanish origin. It can also be found under variant spellings such as Tavernor, Tavarnez, Tavorn, Tavo, Tevord, Tevarn, Tevor, Tavers, Tavon and Taft.

The surname Tavar can be found in various countries including Germany, Portugal, Israel, France, Italy, Morocco, Spain and Brazil, with different spellings such as Tavar, Tavori, Tavora, Tavris, Tavory, Tavrosh, Tevor, Tavon and Taft.

The surname Tavares is of Portugese origin and can also be found in the countries of Brazil, Italy and Spain. Variants include Tavarez, Tavarino, Tavarris, Tevara, Tevaro, Tavon and Tavoff.

Finally, the surname Tavori is of Israeli origin and is a variant of the surname Tavorah. Variants include Tavoura, Tavris, Tavory and Tevori.

Famous people with the name Tavor

  • Gal Tavor: Israeli poet, educator, and activist.
  • Nitzan Tavor: Academic at the Department of Neurology at Tel Aviv University.
  • Gil Tavor: Member of Knesset for Meretz Party.
  • Ofir Tavor: Former professional basketball player and current coach.
  • Ankie Tavor-Nahir: Israeli classical pianist.
  • Hor pollution completed saferist di Tavor: Israeli actor.
  • Ehud Tavori: Former Head of the Israeli Music Center in the Ministry of Culture.
  • Adi Tavor: Israeli-American actress, entrepreneur, and yoga teacher.
  • Orian Tavor: Israeli-American artist and designer.
  • Yoav Tavor: Professional marathoner and ultramarathoner.

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