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Surname Teague - Meaning and Origin

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E. Teague

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Teague: What does the surname Teague mean?

The surname Teague is of Celtic/Gaelic origin and is primarily found in Ireland. It is derived from the Old Gaelic name MacTaidhg, and ultimately from the personal name "Tadhg". The personal name "Tadhg" means poet or philosopher. Notably, "Mac" in Irish surnames denotes "son of". Thus, MacTaidhg can be interpreted as "son of Tadhg".

Over time, the name has experienced substantial variations in spelling such as McTeague, MacTeague, and McTigue. Eventually, the anglicized version "Teague" came into common usage. The surname Teague is predominantly found in counties Clare, Galway, and Roscommon in Ireland.

It's important to note that the accurate interpretation of surnames can be complex since they often reflect centuries of language evolution, migration, and cultural blending. Personal names also reflected characteristics like profession, location, or personal features which may have divergent implications in different languages and cultures. In this case, Teague reflects an ancestral connection to a 'poet' or 'philosopher', highlighting the cultural value of these professions in Gaelic societies.

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Teague: Where does the name Teague come from?

The last name Teague is an Irish surname and is most commonly found in Ireland and surrounding areas of Great Britain today. It is relatively uncommon as a first name, but is believed to have originated in the 12th century as a Norman personal name, possibly derived from the Norse name "Togi".

The surname Teague is derived from the Gaelic word "Teach", meaning "house or dwelling", and, as with many Irish surnames, was originally used to indicate a person who lived near a house or dwelling. It may also have been derived from a nickname that indicated a person with a "friendly" or "tolerant" personality.

Today, the surname Teague is most commonly found in Ireland, Northern Ireland, England, Wales, Scotland, and North America. In the United States, it is primarily found in the southern states, with the highest concentration living in Georgia and North Carolina. The Teagues in the U.S. today can trace their descent back to British Isles immigrants who arrived in the 1700s and 1800s.

The Teague family was a prominent Irish family who held land in County Fermanagh and County Antrim in Northern Ireland prior to the Irish Rebellion of 1641. They also held the title of Baron and Scottish Baronet.

Overall, the Teague surname is relatively uncommon today but can be found in relatively high concentrations in parts of the British Isles, as well as various locations in the United States.

Variations of the surname Teague

The surname Teague is an anglicized version of the Irish Gaelic surname “Ó Tadhg”. As a result, its variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin are of Irish Gaelic and English descent.

Variant spellings of Teague include: Teague, Tague, Teige, Tag, Tagg, and Taggart. Variants of Teague in Irish Gaelic include: O'Tadg, O'Taidhg, MacTadg, and O'Taig.

Variants of Teague in English include: Tate, Taite, and Tayte. Other anglicized versions of the name in Irish Gaelic are: MacTague, MacTaig, MacTeague, Tegg, Teggle, Teig, Tads, Tschage, and Tschagg.

Surnames of the same origin as Teague include: MacTeigue, MacTaigue, O'Teige, and MacTee. Some related English surnames are: Taft, Taff, Tate, Taits, Tayts, Teed, and Teet.

Overall, the surname Teague has many variants, spellings and surnames of the same origin. It is primarily of Irish Gaelic and English descent, and includes both Irish Gaelic variants (such as O'Tadg, O'Taidhg, MacTadg, and O'Taig) and English variants (such as Tate, Taite, and Tayte).

Famous people with the name Teague

  • Sean Teague: American football player
  • Rhett Teague: Retired Major League baseball player
  • Randy Teague: Retired National Football League player
  • Harry Teague: Former US Representative from New Mexico
  • Jim Teague: Politician and attorney from Texas
  • Joe Teague: Retired Major League baseball player
  • Samuel Teague: American pastor and composer
  • John Teague: Retired National Football League player
  • Javan Teague: Actor
  • Big Ju Teague: Retired National Basketball Association player
  • Deke Teague: Retired National Football League player
  • Sam Teague: Retired National Football League player
  • Rebekah Teague: Professional softball player
  • Joe Teague Jr: Retired National Football League player
  • Trudy Teague: Watercolor artist
  • Joy Teague: Award-winning drama teacher
  • Keith Teague: Retired National Football League player
  • Ben Teague: Former mayor of Asheville, North Carolina
  • Dion Teague: Professional basketball player
  • Chantay Teague: Retired professional basketball player
  • Sheldon Teague: Funeral director and public servant from Oklahoma
  • Jana Teague: Fashion model and jewelry designer
  • Sid Teague: Retired National Football League player
  • Jacob Teague: Professional ice hockey player
  • Michael Teague: Retired National Football League player

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