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Surname Tekale - Meaning and Origin

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Tekale: What does the surname Tekale mean?

The last name Tekale is derived from two elements of the name Tekale which originate from the Romani language. The first element is ‘tek’, which means ‘power’, and the second element is ‘ale’ which refers to a ‘place of power and authority’. This combination results in the literal meaning of Tekale being ‘powerful place’, indicating that the bearer of this last name is likely to be an individual of authority and strength.

The surname Tekale can originally be traced back to Romani people from the Iberian Peninsula who were believed to have arrived in the region back in the fifteenth century. They were often called ‘gypsies’ by the local population and were typically nomadic, surviving by trading and providing services such as fortune telling. Because of this nomadic lifestyle, the surname Tekale could be found in many different parts of Europe including Spain, Portugal, Italy, Austria and even Greece.

The Tekale surname is still quite commonly seen in certain parts of Europe. In general this name is associated with individuals of strength, authority and a strong work ethic. Those who bear the Tekale last name are believed to have earned their place in society through hard work and dedication.

In summary, the name Tekale is a combination of two elements which directly translate to ‘powerful place’. This surname originated from Romani people from the Iberian Peninsula in the fifteenth century and continues to be used in modern day. Those who bear it are believed to possess a strong sense of authority and hard work ethic.

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Tekale: Where does the name Tekale come from?

The last name Tekale is primarily found in India and Nepal today. It is a surname that has been around for centuries. Tekale is considered an ethnic name in both countries.

In India, Tekale is a surname found in various regions, including states such as Gujarat, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka, Telangana, and Andhra Pradesh. It is a surname of the Brahmin caste, and is commonly found among families that belong to the priestly caste. In Nepal, Tekale is often found among the Brahmin and Chhetri caste.

In the United States, the Tekale surname is not as common. It is primarily found among Americans of East Indian and Nepalese descent. Many of these individuals trace their heritage back to ancestors who immigrated to the US from India and Nepal, and some Tekale families are third or fourth generations immigrants.

The Tekale surname is believed to come from the Sanskrit words "tej," meaning "strong," and "ley," meaning "shadow," together representing the protection of a strong shadow. It is a name that is proudly borne by individuals of Indian and Nepalese descent, and is a reminder of their rich cultural heritage.

Variations of the surname Tekale

The surname Tekale is a medieval Indo-Aryan name which is derived from a combination of two words, namely: Te ते, which means 'to give' and Kale काले, which means 'person'. This name is commonly found in the Ist and middle part of India.

The variants, spellings and surnames of Tekale include Tekle, Takesh, Teckle, Tekla, Tekeli, Tckl, Tecklee, Takle, Teekele, Takele, Tekli, Teklee, Tekelle, Teckli, Teklle, Tekely, Teckly, Tckli, Tekal, Tecklai, Teklaee, Teklee, Tekellee, Teckliya, Tecklaya, Tekley, Tekell, Tykle, Tykeli, Teckel and Tecckel.

Apart from these variants, Blaze and Baaze are also found to be related surnames. Blaze is derived from the ancient Sanskrit word Bhluti भ्लुति, which means 'intelligence and brightness'. Similarly, Baaze was derived from the ancient Dravidian languageBarse बार्से, which means ‘to win’.

The surname Tekale also has variations in other parts of the world like in the United States, Europe and South East Asia. In the United States it is spelled as Takel, Teekel, Tekyle and Teykle, whereas in Europe it is spelled as Teckl, Tecklay, Teikle, Tekeli and Tekli. In South East Asia it is spelled as Taikla, Tackel, Takell, Tekkeli and Teckal.

Famous people with the name Tekale

  • Shohesh S. Tekale: An Indian filmmaker, currently best known for his film 'Paranoia'.
  • Abhijit Tekale: Member of the Indian National Congress and General Secretary of Rashtriya Azad Hind Morcha in Maharashtra, India.
  • V. S. Tekale: Indian professional who represented his country in the Pan American Championships in 1988.
  • B.V. Tekale: An Indian agricultural scientist known for his work in plant breeding.
  • Yatin Tekale: An Indian film actor popularly known for his roles in movies like '5 Sundarikal' and '3 Dots'.
  • Shailesh Tekale: Indian wrestler who has represented India in various international tournaments.
  • Delnaz Tekale: Indian columnist, writer, and poet known for her works in Marathi literature.
  • Snehal Tekale: Popular Indian television actor known for his roles in shows like 'Yeh Dil Sunn Raha Hai', 'Bandhan Saat Janamon Ka', and 'Yahaan Main Ghar Ghar Kheli'.
  • Shridhar Tekale: An Indian top-level government official, currently working as the Financial Administrator in the government of Madhya Pradesh.
  • Uday Tekale: A renowned Indian singer and composer who has contributed to many Bollywood films and albums.

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