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Surname Thibeau - Meaning and Origin

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Thibeau: What does the surname Thibeau mean?

The surname Thibeau is of French origin and it is a variant of Thibault. The name Thibault is derived from the Germanic elements "theud," which means "people," and "bald," which means "bold." Therefore, Thibeau or Thibault can be interpreted to mean "bold people" or "the bold one among the people." Like many surnames, it originally started as a personal name but eventually started being used as a family name. It became common in France around the 11th and 12th centuries and later spread to other parts of the world through immigration and expansion. As with many surnames, there may also be numerous families with the Thibeau last name that are not necessarily related, as the last name could have been adopted independently by different individuals or families in disparate regions.

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Thibeau: Where does the name Thibeau come from?

The surname Thibeau is most commonly found in France and in some of the former French colonies. It originated from the Old French word "thibaut" which meant "bold people". In France, Thibeau is the 305th most common surname with an estimated 7,700 residents with the name.

The Thibeau name can also be found in North America, mostly in Canada where it is the 4,145th most popular surname. Census records from later parts of the 19th century show that North and South America had some of the highest concentrations of the Thibeau name outside of Europe. There was also a high percentage of French immigrants alive at that time who brought the name with them.

The Thibeau name is also scattered throughout other parts of Europe such as Finland and Sweden, as well as parts of Africa. People with the Thibeau name can also be found in countries like the United States, United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand.

In recent years, there has been an increasing trend of people with the Thibeau name moving and living in countries outside their home country. This is especially true in the case of those originally from France. Some of the countries they have moved to include South America, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and the United States. This has resulted in a global spread of the Thibeau name.

Variations of the surname Thibeau

The Thibeau surname has several variants, spellings, and surnames that stem from similar French roots. Variants include Thibeault, Thibault, and Thibeaudeau. Some French variants of the name include Thibaud and Thibaut. A variant found in Canada is Thibodeau. Spellings of Thibeau may include Thibeaux, Thibaux, Thibe, Thibeaudeau, and Thibeaut.

Surnames that probably have a similar origin to Thibeau include Thibideau and Thibodaux. Another variant is Thibault-Saulnier, which uses a combination of the two French last names Thibault and Saulnier. Some Minor Surnames may include Varibeau, Beaubien, Tlivo, and Thibiaud.

Thibeau can also appear in several languages that are derived from French, such as Portuguese (Tibau) and Occitan (Thibaud). In Germany, the name is spelled Tibaut, which has a different origin than the French version.

Many of the variants, spellings, and surnames of the Thibeau name have evolved over time as they moved from France to other parts of the world. The last name could be found in England, Canada, United States, and Australia in various forms and spelling, some of which are used as first names.

Famous people with the name Thibeau

  • E.B. Thibeau: Canadian author of the book “The Wild Ride From Alice to Ocean”
  • Indo Thibeau: Canadian entrepreneur and restaurateur
  • Kevin Thibeau: Canadian actor
  • Michael Thibeau: Canadian film producer
  • Monique Thibeau: Canadian figure skater
  • Nathan Thibeau: Canadian actor
  • Sophie Thibeau: Canadian Olympic ice hockey player
  • Steve Thibeau: Canadian Hockey Hall of Fame inductee
  • Tinker Thibeau: American Major League Baseball player
  • Tony Thibeau: Canadian film editor and cinematographer

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