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Surname Ticehurst - Meaning and Origin

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Ticehurst: What does the surname Ticehurst mean?

The last name Ticehurst likely has English origins. The name is believed to have derived from the small village of Ticehurst in East Sussex, England.

The name Ticehurst is derived from Old English words "tūn" (enclosure) and "hyrst" (wooded hill), implying that the original bearer of the name lived near a woodland hill surrounded by a fence or wall.

Historians have found records of the Ticehurst surname dating back as far as the 1200s, with an early mention of the name found in the Subsidy Rolls of Sussex in 1296. The earliest known documents featuring the Ticehurst surname include the Court Rolls of Sussex from 1332 and the Strales Dictionary of English and Welsh Surnames from 1587.

Today, Ticehurst is a fairly common surname in Northern Europe. There are estimated to be about 1,000 bearers of the name across England and Wales. The surname is also common in the United States, where geographical distribution patterns show concentrations of Ticehursts in the Mid-Atlantic and Midwest.

The Ticehurst surname is a source of great pride that allows people to trace their ancestry back for centuries. Even now, hundreds of years later, Ticehurst remains a popular family name that proudly symbolizes its English origins.

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Ticehurst: Where does the name Ticehurst come from?

The last name Ticehurst is often found in the United Kingdom, particularly in the south east of England. Ticehurst is a small village in the Wealden district of East Sussex and is home to the Ticehurst family. It is believed that the name originated from this village.

The name can still be found in many areas which surround Ticehurst, including towns across East Sussex, with the most popular being Hastings, Tonbridge and Tunbridge Wells. It is also found in towns and cities across the UK such as London, Manchester and Birmingham.

In the UK, Ticehurst is an unusual name, therefore it is not a particularly widespread name. People with the Ticehurst surname can trace their family history back to the village of Ticehurst in East Sussex, as it is believed to be the origin of the name. There is evidence to suggest that this village was inhabited since the Iron Age and it is likely that those with the name have been there for many generations.

The name is also found in other countries around the world, such as the United States, Australia, Canada and New Zealand, but it is much less common. In the US in particular, the name is more likely to be transcribed from other versions of the surname, such as Tice, Tisethurst and Tesethurst. It is believed that these other versions could be attributed to misspellings of the surname in the past.

Variations of the surname Ticehurst

The surname Ticehurst has two variants, spelling, and surnames of the same origin.

Ticehurst is the most common spelling. This surname is mainly found in East Sussex, England. It is derived from two Old English elements: Tīc (meaning ‘wood, grove’) and þyrst (meaning ‘woodland stream’). The name may have referred to one who lived at or near a wood or stream. The earliest records of this spelling dates back to 1327, with the name of John de Ticehurst being mentioned in Sussex Subsidy Rolls.

Ticehirst is an alternative spelling of Ticehurst. This spelling is mainly found in Suffolk, England. Records of this spelling first appear in 1594, with the mention of Thomas Ticehirst in thelivery rolls of Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk.

Tickehurst is a variant of Ticehurst. This surname mainly found in Surrey, England. The earliest records of this variant appear 1749, with the mention of William Tickehurst in Woodsworth, Surrey.

Tickhurst is the surname form of Ticehurst. This surname mainly found in Kent, England. Records of this surname date back to 1656, with the mention of Jacob Tickhurst in Subsidy Rolls of Kent.

Tickhirst is another variant for Ticehurst. This surname is mainly found in Yorkshire, England. Records of this variant first appear in 1721, with the name of John Tickhirst in the Poll for the Burrill Riding of Yorkshire East Riding.

Tickhurt is an old variant for Ticehurst. This surname was mainly found in Buckinghamshire, England. The earliest record for this variant date back to 1619, with the mention of Joane Tickhurt in the Subsidy Rolls of Buckinghamshire.

All of these variants have the same origin, meaning that any individuals bearing these surnames are likely related. All variants refer to someone who lived near a wood or stream.

Famous people with the name Ticehurst

  • Rebecca Ticehurst, a British freelance journalist
  • David Ticehurst, a Canadian soccer coach
  • Richard Ticehurst, a British ornithologist and conservationist
  • Bessie Ticehurst, an Australian botanist
  • Jack Ticehurst, an American modernist landscape architect
  • Mike Ticehurst, an English international rugby union player
  • Steve Ticehurst, a British pilot and flight instructor
  • Ella Ticehurst, an Australian professional figure skater
  • Kate Ticehurst, a British fashion designer
  • Max Ticehurst, an Australian film composer

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