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Surname Tidmarsh - Meaning and Origin

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Tidmarsh: What does the surname Tidmarsh mean?

The surname Tidmarsh has its origins in England and derives from a geographic location. It comes from the Old English term "tid" meaning "tide" and "mersc" which stands for "marsh". The name was traditionally given to individuals who lived by tidal marshes or swampy areas that were affected by the tide. There are two villages in England named Tidmarsh, one in Berkshire and another in North Yorkshire, from where the surname could have originated. This is speculated to be the place where the bearer's earliest ancestors lived or held land. Over time and with the evolution of language, the spelling may have changed slightly. Given these origins, Tidmarsh is considered a topographic surname, which were some of the earliest created surnames. These types of last names were usually influenced by local geographic landmarks or features, such as hills, streams, churches, or types of trees.

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Tidmarsh: Where does the name Tidmarsh come from?

The last name Tidmarsh is most common today in England and Wales. It is estimated that there over 710 people in the two countries with the last name. In England, the most concentrated area for the last name is in Avon, where it ranks as the 827th most common surname. The next highest rate of people with the last name is in Buckinghamshire, which ranks it at 992nd in popularity.

Outside of the UK there are few people who bear the last name Tidmarsh with concentrations in some former British colonies, such as Australia. In Australia, the last name has a more significant presence and it is estimated that there are 239 people with the last name. Most of these are concentrated in the states of New South Wales, Victoria, and Queensland.

The last name is also found in the United States in some small numbers, mainly in California and New York. It is very rare and estimated to represent a population of less than 100 people. Overall, the population with the last name Totmarsh is relatively small, but there are still plenty of individuals who carry on the family name.

Variations of the surname Tidmarsh

The surname Tidmarsh is believed to be a habitational name derived from an area in England known as Tidemersh, located in the county of Kent. Other variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin include Tidemersh, Tidmerse, Tidmors, Tidmorshe, Tidemersshe, Tidmere, Timmerse, Tremers, Tydmersh, and Tedmarsh.

Tidemersh is derived from the Old English words 'tid' meaning ‘tide’ and 'mersh' meaning 'marshland'. Tidmarsh or Tidmers was initially a by-name for someone from this location. The by-name was then adopted as a surname by some members of the local population, resulting in the widespread usage of the name.

Variants and spellings such as Timmerse, Tydmersh, as well as Tedmarsh are all phonetic variations of Tidmarsh. Tidemersshe and Tidmorshe are derived from the phonetic spelling of the place of origin with the addition of "-she", which is the Old English spelling for "place".

Tidmere is a slightly different version of the surname which is a contraction of Tidmarsh and Tidemersh. Similarly, Tremers is a version of Tidmarsh, this time merging with Tidemersh and replacing the 'd' with a 'r'.

In summary, variants, spellings, and surnames of the same origin for the surname Tidmarsh include Tidemersh, Tidmerse, Tidmors, Tidmorshe, Tidemersshe, Tidmere, Timmerse, Tremers, Tydmersh, and Tedmarsh.

Famous people with the name Tidmarsh

  • Mark Tidmarsh: a former professional motorbike racer who competed for the Honda and Saico teams, as well as in offroad and motocross events.
  • Ollie Tidmarsh: a British jazz musician, issued his own EP as leader in 2012 at the age of 15
  • Gareth Tidmarsh: a British television and voice-over artist, best known as the narrator in the series 'Wild Britain with Ray Mears',
  • Leslie Tidmarsh: an American film and television actor, best known for his roles in 'Flipper', 'Bewitched', 'Fantasy Island' and 'Baywatch'.
  • Senta Tidmarsh: an opera singer noted for her prima donna roles, and has performed at the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden and the Metropolitan Opera House in New York.
  • Jamie Tidmarsh: a multi-instrumentalist and music producer, who has worked with artists such as Blur, Jamiroquai and Cypress Hill.
  • Susannah Tidmarsh: a British playwright and theatre director, noted for her original works such as 'The Illustrated History of Banbury' and 'Alice'.
  • Suzie Tidmarsh: an English singer songwriter, who has received critical acclaim for her work on albums such as 'Seeds of Light' and 'Ghosts of History'.
  • Dean Tidmarsh: a British writer and journalist, noted for his work as a contributor to publications like The Independent, The Guardian and The Observer.
  • Jane Tidmarsh: a British actress and voice-over artist, who has featured in a variety of TV series such as 'Eastenders', 'The Bill' and 'My Family'.

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