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Surname Titus - Meaning and Origin

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Exploring My Genetic Heritage: Titus Surname through the Lens of iGENEA DNA Test

Having undergone an iGENEA DNA test recently, I engaged on an introspective journey of cultural and historical discoveries. The test didn't merely present a genetic makeup of my being but rather acted as a key to unlock an exciting exploration of my past. The most captivating discovery was the royal lineage and rich history associated with my surname, 'Titus'.

E. Titus

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Titus: What does the surname Titus mean?

The last name Titus originates from the Roman civilization and was derived from the Latin term 'Titulus', which means 'title of honor.' This name was among the common names in ancient Rome, used by both nobles and average citizens. It is also believed to have a link to 'Titea', a mythical figure who is Norse in origin. The name Titus may also refer to 'Giant' as some interpretations suggest. Despite the ambiguity surrounding its meaning, Titus is generally associated with honor, nobility, or grandeur due to its historical usage and significance. Over time, it evolved as a surname and is used by people worldwide. This surname is widely prevalent across Europe and the United States, carried by many famous personalities in arts, politics, and sports. Therefore, the last name Titus serves a mark of distinction and honor, passed down through generations.

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Titus: Where does the name Titus come from?

The last name Titus is commonly found today in North America, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand. While its exact origins are uncertain, its prevalence in these parts of the world likely stems from European colonialism. This became particularly true during the Industrial Revolution, when a number of people emigrated from Europe to the United States and Canada.

In the United States, the last name Titus is most prevalent in Ohio, New York, Pennsylvania, Florida, and Illinois. This pattern mirrors US migration patterns, with large numbers of people emigrating from Europe and settling in these states. In terms of absolute numbers, the state with the highest percentage of residents bearing the last name Titus is Ohio, which has over 2,100 people with the surname. Pennsylvania is the second most popular state with this last name, followed by New York, Florida, and Illinois.

In Canada, the last name Titus is especially present in the provinces of Ontario and Quebec. Many descendants of European immigrants, especially of French and German origin, have made Canada their home, and the surname is found in higher proportions here. The provinces of Alberta, British Columbia, and Manitoba also have sizeable populations of people with the last name Titus.

Finally, Titus is a popular last name in Australia and New Zealand, likely due to the prevalence of British and Irish immigration to these countries during the 17th and 18th centuries. Here, it is especially popular in the states of New South Wales, Queensland, and Victoria.

Overall, the last name Titus is predominantly found in many parts of the world, largely due to the immigration patterns of people of European origin over the last few centuries.

Variations of the surname Titus

The surname Titus is most likely to have originated from the ancient Roman name Titus, which was a cognomen of the gens (clan) called Claudia. Over time, the surname has been spelled in many different ways, including Tyte, Tito, Tit pretty, Titcomb, Tite, Titis, Tytus, Titensis, and Tyte.

Variants of the name Titus can vary depending on the language of origin. In Latin countries, it is sometimes spelled Tito, Titos, and Titone. In Spanish, the variant is usually spelled Tites. In Italian it is usually spelled Titi or Tito, while in German it is often spelled Tittes or Tytes.

The surname is often considered to be a patronymic, meaning it was derived from the name of the father or ancestor of the bearer. This is not always the case, however. For example, the English version of the name, Titcomb, can also be a habitational name, as it was adopted from a place named Titecombein Devon. In some cases, the surname may also trace its roots to the French word titre, which means “title.”

The most common spelling of the surname Titus, however, is Tys, Tyse, or Tyssen. This spelling is of Dutch origin, and is most commonly found in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, and the United States.

Overall, the origin and variants of the name Titus vary depending on the region it is found in. No matter the spelling, though, all variants share the same ancient Roman roots.

Famous people with the name Titus

  • Kim Titus: Former North Carolina House of Representatives Representative from 2002 to 2008.
  • Queen Titus: Singer/songwriter.
  • David Titus: Former American professional basketball player in the NBA for the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Washington Bullets.
  • Grant Titus: Retired Major League Baseball pitcher.
  • Paul Titus: NHL ice hockey player for the Vancouver Canucks.
  • Bailey Titus: Professional freestyle skiier.
  • Robert Titus: Contemporary documentary photographer.
  • Daniel Titus: Award-winning American actor, writer, film producer and director.
  • Joe Titus: Canadian film actor.
  • Jon Titus: Professional lacrosse player.
  • Keith Titus: Canadian music recording artist.
  • Heather Titus: American para-athlete.
  • Jason Titus: American professional skateboarder.
  • Harold Titus: American actor and comedian.
  • Cindy Titus: Canadian radio and television actress, voice actress and entertainer.
  • Paul A. Titus: prominent American physician and medical researcher.
  • Gypsy Titus: Hollywood actress.
  • Brian Titus: Australian Paralympic swimmer.
  • Oscar Titus: Canadian actor and cinematographer.
  • Neil Titus: Former member of the British Parachute Regiment.

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