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Surname Trejo - Meaning and Origin

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The iGENEA DNA Test: A Revelatory Journey into the Depths of My Family’s Heritage and the Significance of my Surname, Trejo

When I received my iGENEA DNA test results, it didn't just reveal the scientific breadth of my genetic heritage; it profoundly shifted my understanding, sparking a broader perspective on my ancestry and family identity. The surname Trejo, which I've always accepted with pride as a symbol of my Spanish heritage, now serves as a reminder of my diverse lineage with roots in diverse regions.

J. Trejo

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Trejo: What does the surname Trejo mean?

Trejo is a Spanish surname predominantly found in Spain and Latin American countries. The name is thought to have originated from a place name. In fact, there is a town named Trejo in the Burgos province of Spain, and it is likely the surname was taken by individuals or families hailing from this area. Furthermore, "Trejo" is possibly derived from the Spanish word "atrevido," which means "daring" or "bold." However, formal etymological studies giving a definite origin for the name Trejo are lacking. Today, the name is most famous due to the popular Mexican-American actor Danny Trejo. Please note that meanings of surnames can vary greatly and the interpretation can depend upon the historical uses and origins tied to particular families, regions, and cultures. As such, the information provided here is a general guideline, and the name could potentially have other meanings or origins for specific individuals or families.

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Trejo: Where does the name Trejo come from?

The last name Trejo is of Spanish origin and is common throughout Spain and its former colonies in Latin America as it is the 41st most common surname in Mexico. The name is also fairly common in the United States, particularly Arizona and California. According to the 2010 Census, it is the 574th most common surname in the US.

The name is very likely derived from the Spanish word meaning "plowman". There is also another possible origin which states that it could be derived from the Greek word "treis" or "trefos" which means "three-pronged", referring to the shape of the plow blade.

The earliest members of the Trejo family trace their roots to La Rioja in northern Spain, where there are documents showing them as far back as the 10th century. From there this surname spread widely throughout Europe and to its colonies in the Americas.

The Trejo family have had a long presence in Mexico since the Spanish conquest in 1521. Prominent members of the family throughout Mexican history have included scholars, writers, soldiers and other public figures.

Today the Trejo family is well-known throughout Latin America and the United States as it is a fairly common surname. It's certainly associated with many famous Latino figures, from popular actors to creators in the fields of art and music.

Variations of the surname Trejo

The Trejo surname is an occupational surname derived from the Spanish word “tajo,” or “tool.” The original bearer of the Trejo name was a blacksmith or carpenter, indicating that he created things with his tools. The Trejo surname is commonly found throughout Latin America, particularly in Mexico, where it has been adopted by many people.

Variants of the Trejo surname include: Trehjo, Treio, Treiji, Treyo, Trehio, Trehiyo, Trehijo, Treiaso, Teixo. Spellings of the surname include Trexeo, Trexo, Texeo, Terrjo, Terhjo and Terrho.

Common surnames derived from the Trejo surname include Treviño, Trevino, Trevin, Trejos and Trejez. The Trevin surname originated as a derivative of the Trejo name in Spain, while Treviño, and the other Trejo derived surnames originate from northern Spain.

Additionally, some members of the Trejo family may have adopted completely different surnames, due to the widespread adoption of the Trejo name throughout the years. Some of these alternative surnames may include: Alvarado, Blanco, Cruz, Flores, García, Guzmán and Hernández.

Overall, the Trejo surname has a strong presence in Latin America, with many different variants and surnames derived from it. Its derivatives range from locations in Spain to different countries throughout Latin America, indicating the far-reaching impact of the Trejo family.

Famous people with the name Trejo

  • Danny Trejo– Danny Trejo is a renowned American actor and voice actor. He is best known for his work in many films, television shows, and video games, such as his roles in "Machete" and "Spy Kids".
  • David Trejo: David Trejo is an American actor, comedian, and writer who has appeared in several TV shows, including "The Office" and "New Girl".
  • Robert Trejo: Robert Trejo is an American television actor best known for his roles in "Splinter Cell: Blacklist" and "Machete".
  • Sergio Trejo: Sergio Trejo is a Mexican actor, director, and screenwriter. He has starred in a number of telenovelas and film projects, such as "La Reina del Sur" and "Tiempo final".
  • Jaime Trejo: Jaime Trejo is a Mexican actor and musician who has been in many telenovelas and films, including "Chiloé" and "Jarocho".
  • Delia Trejo: Delia Trejo is a Mexican actress who began her career in 2000. She's starred in such telenovelas as "Mariana de la Noche" and "Los Secretos de Lucia".
  • Doug Trejo: Doug Trejo is an American comedian, actor, and podcaster known for his sketch videos, comedy shows, and podcast appearances.
  • Mayra Trejo: Mayra Trejo is a Mexican singer and TV presenter who is best known for her work on "La Academia", "MTV Live", and "MTV Unplugged".

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