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Surname Trescott - Meaning and Origin

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Trescott: What does the surname Trescott mean?

The surname Trescott is of English origin and is believed to be locational, deriving from a place name. There is a place called Trescott in Staffordshire, England, which could have potentially contributed to the use of the name. Locational surnames often were used to identify a person who had moved from one place to another. The first recorded spelling of the family name is shown to be that of William de Trescote, which was dated 1273, Staffordshire, in the "Hundred Rolls of Landowners". In terms of meaning, less is communicated. Like many other surnames, it doesn't necessarily carry a specific meaning in English, beyond its function as an identifier. However, it is thought to possibly mean "three cottages" when broken down into segments with "tres" (three in Spanish) and "cott" (a shortening of "cottage"). While this is speculative, it does link to the locational interpretation, suggesting a potential origin of someone who lived near or at these three cottages.

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Trescott: Where does the name Trescott come from?

The last name Trescott is most commonly found in the United States, especially in the northeastern part of the country. It is among the top 2000 surnames in the country and is the 2,070th most popular surname according to rank. States where the Trescott name is particularly common include Maine, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New York, and Vermont. An analysis of the United States Social Security records of the 2000 census reveals that the greatest concentration of the Trescott family can be found in Massachusetts, followed by Maine and Connecticut.

Trescott was also a minor family name in England during the Middle Ages. Today, however, it is most commonly found among American descendants of the original English family. The Trescott surname is thought to have descended from the Norman name “de Trescote”. It was first found in the county of Somerset, where the family settled in early Norman times and held a family seat.

In more recent times, descendants of this same Trescott family can be found in the United States and in Canada, as well as scattered populations in Australia and New Zealand. The Trescott name is possibly related to the name Trascott, a surname found mostly in England.

Variations of the surname Trescott

The surname Trescott is of English origin and variants of this name include Trascott, Trascot, Trescot, Trescote and Tresscott. These surnames all have the same origin and spelling variations come about as a consequence of language development over time and when families moved to different locations.

Trescott is derived from the personal name Trasco or Traske. During the Middle Ages, Old English, Old French and Latin languages were used in combination when constructing personal names. Both Trasco and Traske are believed to be evolved from the Old French and Latin word 'tresquas' which means 'thrasher' or 'throttler'.

Trascott is a variation of Trescott and is known to be used in Cornwall, UK. Trascot, Trescot, Trescote and Tresscott are alternate spellings of the same surname.

Trescott is found throughout the United States, the U.K., Canada and Scotland. It can be a variety of surnames that sound the same such as Tresca, Tresch, Trescher, and Troschel.

In the U.S., other surnames derived from Trescott can include Trascott, Trasco, Trasko, Traske, Traskowski, Trascon, Traskey and Trasky.

In Scotland, the primary variant of the Trescott surname is Treskett. This surname is believed to be a variation of the original surname Trescott.

In Ireland, the variation of Trescott that is most common is Triscott or Triscutt.

In conclusion, the variants of the surname Trescott, including Trascott, Trasco, Trasko, Trascot, Traskowski, Trascon, Traskey, Trasky, Treskett, Triscott, and Triscutt, all have the same origin and are variations in spelling. As can be seen from this breakdown, variants of the Trescott surname can be found in different countries, implying its prevalence throughout the English-speaking world.

Famous people with the name Trescott

  • Reid Trescott: American Bodybuilder and Men’s Physique competitor.
  • Mara Trescott: Actress, Model, Production Assistant and Casting Assistant.
  • Justin Trescott: Singer, Songwriter, Container Artist and Music Producer.
  • Dawn Trescott: Author and Motivational Speaker.
  • Stuart Trescott: Lawyer and Politician from South Carolina.
  • Lauren Trescott: Professional Drone Pilot.
  • Dan Trescott: American Sports Commentator, Analyst and Former Professional Football Player.
  • Laura Trescott: Curator of the American Museum of Natural History in New York.
  • Edwin Trescott: Businessman, Investor and Philanthropist.
  • Rob Trescott: Former National Hockey League player.

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