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Surname Twichell - Meaning and Origin

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Twichell: What does the surname Twichell mean?

The last name Twichell is of English and Dutch origin. Its earlier form Twissel is found in records dating back to the thirteenth century. The name is thought to be derived from twiss, an Old English or Middle Dutch word for ‘division’ or ‘share’. It may also be connected to the Gaelic word tuiseal, which means ‘junction’.

Historically, the Twichell surname was used to denote someone who was a ‘mediator’ between two parties, perhaps someone who helped settle disputes between families and neighbors. It could also signify someone who was part of a committee or group taking decisions on behalf of the community or the local authorities. It is believed that some modern-day forms of the Twichell surname are derived from a shortening of the surname ‘Twichell-Turner’, indicating someone by trade or profession a ‘twister’.

The Twichell name is found in a number of countries and is the family name of several notable people. Examples include the American journalist and author Joseph W.Twichell, and the American soldier Josiah Twichell who served in the American Civil War. The family name Twichell is thought to be related to some forms of the names Twitchell and Twitchells.

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Twichell: Where does the name Twichell come from?

The Twichell surname can still be found in the United States and Canada today. It is most commonly associated with the state of Connecticut, where the Twichell family first settled in the early 1700s.

The Twichells first immigrated to the US from England in 1628, and primarily settled in Massachusetts and Connecticut. Records show that early Twichells were active members of local colonial governments and churches. This is significant, as many members of the Twichell family have went on to make great contributions to their respective communities.

Today, Twichells can still be found throughout the region, particularly in the New England states of Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island. Additionally, records show Twichells are in New York, Michigan, and Pennsylvania.

Other Twichells have spread throughout the United States, as well as into Canada. Not surprisingly, many Twichells have stayed in the New England region of the US, eager to preserve the family history and legacy.

Despite its strong origin in Connecticut, the Twichell surname can be found in many parts of the United States and Canada today. Their contributions to their respective communities can still be found today, as generations of Twichells go on to be active in various civic and religious organizations.

Variations of the surname Twichell

The surname Twichell has many alternative spellings and variants, as is often the case with surnames. Some of the spellings are Twitchell, Twaddell, Twadle, Twitchel, Twichel, and Twitchett. These variations could stem from different spellings of the same surname in the 1800s, as language and spelling conventions could vary among immigrants.

Twichell is also a common anglicized form of the Polish surname Twiczek. This variant may have originated with Polish immigrants who came to America during the 19th century. It is also an anglicization of the Irish name MacTighe, which translates literally to 'son of Tighe', a given name from the Gaelic word tige, meaning 'poetry'. Other Gaelic surnames that are phonetically similar include MacTague, MacTague, and MacTague.

Other Anglo-Saxon spellings of Twichell include Twighell, Tighell, Twighthell, Twickel, and Twitchell. The Scottish surname Twicheill is another shortened form of the same origin, and is pronounced 'Twish-ell'.

Last names that are phonetically similar but have a different origin include Tewksbury, Twigg, Twiss, and Tooke. The French surname DeTouche is often mistaken as a variant of Twichell; however, it is derived from touche, the French word for 'touch'.

Given all the various spellings and variants of Twichell, it is not surprising that it is one of the most common surnames in America. Whether the origins are Polish, Irish, or Anglo-Saxon, it is clear that Twichell is the name of many diverse lineages.

Famous people with the name Twichell

  • Christina Twichell: Chilean professional dancer.
  • Peter A. Twichell: Manager of Relationships & Emergence for the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons.
  • Chris Twichell: American television presenter, producer, and writer.
  • David Twichell: US author, lecturer, and radio talk show host.
  • Joseph Twichell: American Congregationalist pastor, theologian, and social activist.
  • Roger Twichell: Member of the South Dakota House of Representatives.
  • Charles Twichell: American property developer, real estate executive, and business consultant.
  • Ed Twichell: American movie actor who appeared in such films as Fatman and Little Boy and Crimewave.
  • Arthur O. Twichell: American politician who served as a member of the U.S. House of Representatives from Ohio.
  • Bill Twichell: American football defensive end who lined up for the New York Jets.

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