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Surname Twycross - Meaning and Origin

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Twycross: What does the surname Twycross mean?

The last name Twycross is a geographical surname originating in England. It identifies someone who is from or connected to any of the many places in England having the same name.

The root of the name is the Old English ‘twi’ for twin, and ‘cross’ coming from the Old Norse ‘kross’ meaning crossroads or a hill of two summits. Therefore, Twycross can be interpreted to mean a “twin hill” or “dividing hill”, referring to a geographical feature in the area of the family’s origin.

According to the Dictionary of British Surnames, the earliest record of the name dates back to the late 13th century. The earliest known occurrence of the surname in its modern spelling is that of Willelmus de Twicross, recorded in the Subsidy Rolls of Norfolk in 1332.

Twycross is the name of several places around England today, including one in Leicestershire and another in Warwickshire. The Warwickshire Twycross is believed to be the origin of the surname.

Those bearing the Twycross name have a proud and storied heritage, tracing their roots to a place of significance in English history. In addition, members of the Twycross family can be found living all over the world today, having spread throughout the globe in search of better opportunities and a new life.

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Twycross: Where does the name Twycross come from?

The last name Twycross is quite common in some parts of England today. It is most common in the Midlands, particularly in Leicestershire, Rutland, Northamptonshire, Warwickshire and Derbyshire. The name also appears in other parts of the UK, particularly in East Anglia, Scotland and Wales. It can also be found in other countries around the world, especially across Europe, North America, Australia and New Zealand.

The name most likely originated in England in the Middle Ages, derived from an Old English term meaning 'twain (two) crosses'. It is thought to have been a descriptive name used for someone who lived near two crosses. The name is likely linked to the occupation of a blacksmith, as the two crosses are suggestive of two anvils. The name is also said to be associated with the Anglo-Saxon religion, as an emblem of the Christian faith.

Today Twycross is a fairly common name among families in the regions originally associated with it. Often it is surname that is shared by several generations of the same family. The name is also a popular choice for people looking to trace their ancestry back to the Midlands and the Anglo-Saxon roots that the name implies.

Variations of the surname Twycross

The surname Twycross is an English/Irish surnnme found mainly in England and Ireland. It is derived from the Old English words meaning 'twin cross' and has variations including Twicross, Twiscross, Twiscrow, and Tewecross. In Ireland, the surname appears in the forms Twisscross, Twissrow, Twiscrow.

The Tweycross spelling is sometimes seen in historical documents. This variant derives from a misreading of the old Middle English spelling which was typical of the time.

Other variations of the surname include Twycroft, Twicraft, Twiscroft, Twiscroft, Twicroft, Twecroft, Teecroft, and Twiskroft. These variations are mainly found in the United Kingdom and United States.

In some parts of America, the surname may also be spelled Twycrosse, or Twycrosses.

In Ireland, some variants include Twiscrough, Twiscrowe, Twisrow, and Twinrow.

In the United Kingdom, the surname may appear as Tewycross or Twycrosser, which has an origin in English dialects.

Finally, some other spellings are related to pronounciation, such as Twicross, Twikrof and Twicrow.

Overall, the surname has a large variety of spellings, depending on the region from which it was derived. It is most likely that the variations of the surname are associated with dialect and pronunciation of the times in which they were used.

Famous people with the name Twycross

  • Maggie Twycross: English actress, best known for playing Bobbi in the 2007 film "Atonement".
  • George Twycross: British military intelligence officer who headed the Investigation Bureau in the late 1930s.
  • George Arthur Twycross: British Radio officer who served with the Special Operations Executive during the Second World War.
  • James Twycross: former leader of Northamptonshire County Council and current chair of Northamptonshire Local Enterprise Partnership.
  • John Twycross: English psychiatrist and author, best known for his long-term study of autism and attention deficit disorder.
  • Emma Twycross: British-based disability rights activist who specializes in neurodiversity and accessibility.
  • David Twycross: British diplomat and public servant who served as the founding Director of the British Council from 1934 to 1945.
  • William Twycross: British sculptor from the Victorian era who is best known for his statues of Irish statesmen and notable figures.
  • Gavin Twycross: English actor best known for his appearances in the musical "Matilda the Musical" and the James Bond movie "GoldenEye".
  • Jacob Twycross: British-born theatre producer, specialising in musicals, and former musical director of the Lyric Theatre in London.

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