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Surname Tynan - Meaning and Origin

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Tynan: What does the surname Tynan mean?

The surname Tynan has Irish origins and is derived from the Gaelic name "O'Teimhneain", which means "descendant of Teimhnean". The personal name "Teimhnean" is believed to come from the word "teimhean", which means "gloomy or dark". Therefore, the surname could potentially mean "descendant of the dark or gloomy one". The name is particularly associated with County Galway and County Roscommon in Ireland. Over the years, the spelling and pronunciation of the name have evolved, with some variants including Tynnan, Tinnane, and Tinan. Despite having a somewhat somber meaning, the name Tynan has been carried by several notable people, including prominent writers, journalists, and performers. Therefore, its connotations today lean towards creativity and intellect. It's important to remember the meaning of a surname does not define or predict the characteristics of every individual bearing it.

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Tynan: Where does the name Tynan come from?

The last name Tynan is still common today, but is predominantly found among families in the United States and Ireland.

In the US, Irish-Americans largely comprise the majority of the Tynans. People with the surname Tynan are prominent in the Midwest, California and Washington DC. In midwestern states such as Ohio, Wisconsin, Michigan, Iowa, and Minnesota many have settled since the 1800s, and these states continue to have the highest relative concentrations of people with the name. Most of the Irish-American families trace their ancestry to Counties Galway and Tipperary.

In Ireland, Tynans are most common in County Clare. People with the last name Tynan have been in the county since at least the eleventh century and many still live there today. Tynans in County Clare are usually of Catholic descent. This is in stark contrast to the distributions of the surname in the US, were Tynans are largely Protestant and descend from the same Irish Irish settlers.

In recent decades the surname has become increasingly scattered across the globe, as families have relocated for work or other opportunities. Although the surname is still mainly associated with the US and Ireland, there have been reports of people with the name Tynan in The Netherlands, Australia, South Africa, Norway, France, and Germany.

Variations of the surname Tynan

The surname Tynan is a common Irish surname. It is derived from the Gaelic word ‘teine’, meaning ‘fire’. It is most commonly found in Counties Clare, Offaly, Tipperary and Cork in Ireland.

Variations, spellings and surnames of the same origin as Tynan are Teignan, Toane, Teanan, Tynen, Tynnan, Teanau, Tinen and Teghan.

Tynan is a shortened form of the Irish surnames Teignan and Toane, which are derived from the Gaelic surname Teignan. The Toane variation is often found in County Clare, while Teignan is mostly found in County Offaly.

The Tynen variation of Tynan is derived from the old Gaelic sept 'Mac an tSaoi' and is most commonly found in Tipperary. It is also found in Cork and has been anglicised to Tynan.

The Tynnan variation of Tynan is derived from the Gaelic sept 'Mannion' and is mainly found in Cork. It is also found with variants of Tynane and Tynean.

The Teanau and Tinen variations are the same as Tynan, but use Teanau as the anglicised form. These are found mainly in Cork and Clare.

Finally, Teghan is a variation of the Tynan surname, again anglicised from the old Gaelic sept 'Eitigheann' and is mainly found in Counties Clare and Tipperary.

Famous people with the name Tynan

  • Tom Tynan: American radio personality
  • Kenneth Tynan: British theatre critic
  • Tim Tynan: American actor
  • Jack Tynan: Australian former footballer
  • Frank Tynan: Canadian professional ice hockey player
  • Ashley Tynan: American former gymnast
  • Pat Tynan: American soccer manager
  • Dan Tynan: American journalist
  • Con Tynan: Irish Gaelic footballer
  • Colm Tynan: Irish hurler

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