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The DeVault/Tevaultetc. Surname Project


DeVault, Tevault, Dewalt, Dewald, Devolt, Debolt and similar sounding surnames are welcome to this ydna project to determine which lines have common ancestors and to get a better understanding of migration routes. It will also help you determine where to focus your research as it will establish which lines you are related to and which ones you are not. My line of DeVaults (from Monongalia County, WV) has already proven to have close ydna matches with a line of Tevaults and a line of Dewalts. Other discoveries have been made as well. Consider joining the project! Some of the surnames we are interested in are (but not limited to); Dewalt, Dewald, Devaul, Tevault, Tevalt, Tewalt, Debolt, Debault, Diebold, Diebolt, Dawalt, Devall, Devaux, Devoll, Devolt, Duvall, and several others.



Other surnames in Project

Dawalt, Debault, Debolt, Devaul, DeVault, Devolt, Dewald, Dewalt, Diebold, Diebolt, Tevalt, Tevault, Tewalt

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