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The Dreisbach/Dresbach Surname Project


Three lines of North American Dreisbachs come from Father Abraham 'Treisbach' (ca.1535-1575) of Balde, Wittgenstein, Germany. His son, Georg (ca.1560-1615) first used the surname Treisbach. Georg had two sons: Johan Treisbach (ca.1580-1636) was the greatgrandfather of Simon Sr. who came to the US in 1743; and Daniel Treisbach (ca.1580-1630) who was the greatgrandfather of Martin Dreisbach who came to the US in 1751. Daniel is also the ancestor of the Christian Oscar Dreisbach line who came to the US about 1892. All male Dreisbachs are invited to join. We hope that by creating a large data base, we will be able to tease out the various Dreisbach clans, both those descended from 'father Abraham' and those who are totally unrelated to this person. WELCOME! If you are interested in joining this group, please contact the group administrator with regard to choosing the most appropriate test for your need. The Dreisbach Family Association puts out a periodic email newletter that focuses on genealogy. Contact the group administrator if you would like to receive this newsletter.



Other surnames in Project

Dreisbach, Dresbach, Dresback, Driesbach, Driesbaugh, however, Skret, Skreta, Treisbach, Trespach, Tricebock

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