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The Haviland Surname Project


If you are a male with the surname of Haviland, de Havilland, Heavilon, Heavirland, Haverland, Havlin or similar, regardless of where you live, we strongly encourage you to participate in this global Y-DNA study. There are two known families with these surnames: One originated on the Bailiwick of Guernsey via England, with deep roots in Neustria (ruled by the Merovingian Franks in what is now called Normandy). The early spellings of this family are de Havilland, de Haveilland, de Havillant, de Abillant, etc, and many of the American and Canadian members of the family descend from William Haviland, an British subject who settled in Newport, Rhode Island ca 1643 and relocated to Great Neck, Long Island, New York in the 1680's. Another known American branch of the same family settled in Philadelphia with John Haviland, Esq, a famed architect, and a Canadian branch was established on Prince Edward Island with Senator Thomas Heath Haviland, a co-founder of the Canadian Confederate. There are various disconnected branches of this family who probably descended from other immigrants as yet unknown, but a Y-DNA67 test would conclusively show relationship and might tell us which branch you belong to! The other major family is of Irish origin, and little is know about its history and genealogy. There appear to be two Irish families that are not related to one another that share the same name, however we need more Irish participants to understand this heritage! One of the early spellings of this family is Havlin, and in America many of them seem to have settled either in early Boston, Massachusetts or Michigan. We are attempting to sort out mutations in different branches of the Haviland family, confirm genealogical relationships and establish the histories of these families. WE NEED YOUR HELP! Whether you come from one family or the other, and especially if you are not certain, you should sign up for one of the Y-DNA tests (the Y-DNA37 or higher is recommended) and send us what you know about your paternal ancestry tree. If you have any questions, please contact us!



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de Havilland, Haveland, Haverland, Haviland, Havilant, Havlin, Heavilon, Heavirland

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