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The Mandeville Surname Project


The Mandeville YDNA project welcomes all prospective participants with the surname (of all variant spellings) in all parts of the world. This is a Y DNA project, so direct participation must be by males. Females of Mandeville paternal ancestry may take part, with equally useful results, by having their brother, father, Mandeville-surname uncle or cousin contribute a sample. This is a new project as of May, 2007. As of the date of this posting one sample (that of the project administrator) has been tested and results received. This sample represents a line with a well-documented paper trail to David, son of Gilles (Yellis) de Mandeville (1626-1701), who arrived in New Amsterdam (now New York City) in 1659 from the village of Garderen, in the Netherlands. Participation early in this project by a documented descendant of Hendrick, another son of the immigrant Gillis, would be particularly welcomed. Such a test matching the first sample would confirm the integrity of the YDNA line and provide a basis for comparisons over a broader geographical range. Genealogical documentation is not, however, required for participation. Eventually, it is hoped to determine the proximity of relationships, if any, among Mandevilles in the U.S., England, France, the Netherlands and elsewhere in the world. FIRST RESULTS NOW AVAILABLE: As of 13 June 2007 37-marker Y DNA results have been determined for the founding member of this group. The haplogroup is R1b1 ( which is consistent with known genealogical records). New members now have Netherlands/American-line Mandeville YDNA data available for immediate comparison when their results are received. It is recommended that additional participants test on 25 (or more) markers for the most meaningful comparison with the results already in. PRIVACY ISSUES AND CONCERNS: DNA results of participants will not be shown publicly with personal identification unless express permission is provided by each person concerned. Without such permission, results will be posted anonymously as, for example ?Participant 5? or (and preferably) the name of the earliest known ancestor, e.g. ?Line of David, brother of Gillis Jansen de Mandeville, b. ca. 1626.? Date of this posting: 13 June 2007



Other surnames in Project

De Mandeville, Mandavill, Mandaville, Mandeviel, Mandeville, Manville, Mondeviel, plus other variants

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