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Surname de Hyde - Meaning and Origin

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de Hyde: What does the surname de Hyde mean?

The last name "de Hyde" is of Anglo-Saxon origin and has its roots in England. The name is derived from the Old English word "hid", "hidd" or "hyde", which refers to a measure of land considered sufficient to support a household, typically between 60 and 120 acres. The prefix "de" is a norman-french term which means "of" or "from", often signifying ownership or origin. So, "de Hyde" could mean "of Hyde" or "from Hyde". This suggests that the original bearers of this surname were landholders or persons who resided at or near a parcel of land known as "Hyde". Like other surnames, it was likely used to distinguish individuals by their geographic location or property ownership. Surnames like these became necessary as governments introduced personal taxation through Poll Taxes in the early centuries. Hence, the last name "de Hyde" essentially signifies a geographic or property-based identity.

de Hyde: Where does the name de Hyde come from?

The surname de Hyde likely originates from England. Old English language shows that Hyde comes from the word "hied", meaning a measure of land that a team of eight oxen could plough in a day. It was generally used to denote someone who lived by such a piece of land or who owned property of this size, and the usage of ‘de’ before the name implies nobility or landownership in ancient times. Over time, many variations of the name such as Hide, Hides, Hydes, Hyds, Hydes, and more, developed due to the lack of universal spelling norms.

Despite its origin in England, over time it has spread around the world due to immigration and colonization, so it is difficult to pinpoint where it is most common today without specific census data. However, Anglo-Saxon countries such as England, America, Canada, and Australia as well as some parts of Europe might have a relatively higher prevalence of the surname de Hyde.

Variations of the surname de Hyde

The surname de Hyde originates from England, specifically the Cheshire region, around the time of the Norman conquest in the 11th century. It originated from a place called Hyde, implying that the original bearers of the name lived or worked in such an area. Over time, the de Hyde surname has evolved and differentiated into numerous forms due to phonetic variations, regional dialect differences, and personal preference. Some common variations include Hyde, Hide, Hides, Heyde, and Hede. Also, the "de" could sometimes be dropped, making "Hyde" a common standalone variant of "de Hyde."

It is also worth noting that this surname has traveled and changed according to different languages and regions. For example, in German, it has versions like Heide and Heidt. In Dutch it transformed into Heiden. In some Spanish-speaking countries, it could turn into Deída.

As "de" is a common prefix in Spanish and Portuguese-speaking countries indicating "from," it's also possible to find "de Hyde" versions in these regions, although likely unrelated to the English origin. This prefix could similarly be attached to the surname in French speaking countries.

Famous people with the name de Hyde

  • Flora Hyde de Aguilar: Spanish, Mexican actress, director, writer, film producer, and vocalist.
  • Richard De Hyde: British-American television film actor and stuntman.
  • Sir Hyde Parker (1739-1807): British admiral during the American Revolutionary War.
  • Lancelot de Hyde (d. 1603): English lawyer, politician and courtier under Queen Elizabeth I.
  • Charles Rollo de Hyde (d. 1901): American railroad entrepreneur and author.
  • Lewis de Hyde (1895–1973): British-Canadian Army Major General, Commander of the Canadian Army during World War II.
  • Henry de Hyde (c. 1564–1610): Member of the English Parliament during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I.
  • John de Hyde (1571-1616): English lawyer and Member of Parliament during the Elizabethan era.
  • William de Hyde (1586-1643): Anglican then Puritan churchman, Archbishop of Salisbury and Master of Cambridge University.
  • Francis de Hyde (1735-1815): British soldier who served in the Ameican Revolutionary War.
  • George de Hyde (1820-1889): Member of Parliament for the United Kingdom.
  • Edward de Hyde (1731-1800): British poet, literary critic, and politician, known for his works such as "The True Believer in the Anglican Church".
  • George Montagu-Stuart-Wortley-Mackenzie, 4th Earl of Wharncliffe, 1st Baron Wharncliffe and Baron Hyde of Hyde (1827–1899): A British peer.
  • Annabella Hyde, Lady Maynard (1837–1907): British suffragist, charitable worker, and former lady-in-waiting.
  • Cora de Hyde (1906-1971): American film actress.
  • William Hyde (1854-1916): British colonial administrator in India.
  • Todosia de Hyde (1878-1963): American artist active during the early 20th century.
  • Philip de Hyde (1929-2007): English stage actor and director.
  • John de Hyde (1829-1905): British Army Major-General who served in the Crimean War.
  • Chrystal Elizabeth de Hyde (1917-1933): American aviator and daughter of Cora de Hyde.

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