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Surname DE MAGGIO - Meaning and Origin

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DE MAGGIO: What does the surname DE MAGGIO mean?

De Maggio is an Italian surname. The "De" in Italian surnames often implies geographical origins or a distinguishing feature of the family, similar to the "von" in German names or "de" in French names. It is usually associated with noble descent. "Maggio" in Italian refers to the month of May. Therefore, theoretically, De Maggio could mean "from May" or suggest a connection with this month, perhaps indicating that the original bearers of this name had some significant historical or family event connected to May. It's important to note, however, that surnames have evolved over centuries and may not always preserve their original meanings. The specific origin or meaning of the De Maggio surname may stretch beyond this explanation, and it could possibly be linked to a location, occupation, or other ancestral characteristics. Understanding a surname's exact origin and meaning often requires tracing genealogical records, family histories, and regional histories.

DE MAGGIO: Where does the name DE MAGGIO come from?

The surname De Maggio is of Italian origin. The prefix "De" often implies "of" or "from," suggesting a geographical or familial origin, while "Maggio" could be associated with the month of May (Maggio in Italian). Another possibility is that it's derived from a place named Maggio in Italy. The surname could signify a family origin from that area. As with many Italian surnames, they often pertain to specific regional or even very local origins.

Today, this surname could still be found in Italy. Also, due to Italian immigration over the centuries, De Maggio can also be seen in countries where Italians have historically immigrated, such as the United States, Argentina, Canada, and various European countries. However, it's important to note that it's not a particularly common surname in comparison to other Italian surnames. The exact distribution of the De Maggio surname today would likely correspond to patterns of Italian emigration and settlement. As with many surnames, families with the De Maggio surname may not necessarily be concentrated in one specific area.

Variations of the surname DE MAGGIO

The surname De Maggio, of Italian origin, has several variations and different spellings which encompass the same root word Magnago, itself stemming from the words "magna" meaning 'great' and "ago" meaning 'field'. The most common variant of this name is Di Maggio, similar to the famous American baseball player Joe DiMaggio.

Other possible variations and spellings of De Maggio could include Demaggio, DeMaggio, Dimaggio, and DeMagg. In Italian-spoken regions, where surnames can often be based on occupations or geographical locations, possible variants may be based on local dialect and pronunciation, for example, Magnago or Mangano.

In some cases, the "De" or "Di" could be dropped, leaving just Maggio, or aberrations like Maggi, Mago, or Magi. Additionally, it could be converted into anglicized surnames like May or Mayfield.

Finally, it's also important to note that due to distinct regional dialects in areas like Sicily, the surname could also potentially have variations like Imaggio or Imagg.

It is advisable to conduct a thorough genealogical research to explore the specific variants that pertain to a personal lineage, as surnames can change significantly even within relatively close geographical areas.

Famous people with the name DE MAGGIO

  • Joe DiMaggio, former Major League Baseball player and Hall of Famer
  • Vince DiMaggio, former Major League Baseball player, brother of Joe DiMaggio
  • Patricia DiMaggio Ellis, daughter of Joe DiMaggio
  • Dominic DiMaggio, former Major League Baseball player and brother of Joe DiMaggio
  • Tom DiMaggio, actor and brother of Joe DiMaggio
  • Paul DiMaggio, sociologist and expert in cultural sociology, cousin of Joe DiMaggio
  • Tolga DeMaggio, Turkish footballer
  • Carlo DeMaggio, Italian footballer
  • Tony DeMaggio, Italian footballer
  • Marc DeMaggio, French cyclist
  • Dario DeMaggio, Italian musician
  • Mario DeMaggio, Italian filmmaker
  • Natalino DeMaggio, Italian actor

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