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The Thrasher/Thresher Surname Project


The THRASHER/THRESHER surname project is intended to provide an avenue for connecting and distinguishing the many branches of Thrashers and Threshers and other families with various spellings of the name. The Y-chromosome study started with descendants of two English/Welsh families, but it welcomes all who carry the surname or are descended from individuals with the surname. We encourage participation by English, German, Estonian, Native American, and all other individuals, around the world, who carry the name. A surname Project traces members of a family that share a common surname. Since surnames are passed down from father to son just as the Y-chromosome is, the Y-chromosome test may only be used by males. Females do not carry their father?s Y-DNA and acquire new surnames by marriage. If a female wants to participate in the Y-chromosome test, she should have a male relative carrying the surname order the test. If you are ordering a Y-chromosome test, we prefer that the minimum number of markers you choose is 37. Preferably, you will choose 67 markers or even the new 111-marker test. Tests may be upgraded as further definition is needed. Ideally, the oldest living male in your family carrying the surname should be tested. Having two males from the family tested serves as an additional check on accuracy. When you order a kit, please send a text file to the project Group Administrator, showing the test subject?s paternal ancestry, with spouses, back to the most distant known Thrasher/Thresher. In addition to the surname (Y-chromosome) study, the project includes individuals who have taken the Family Finder DNA test because they have Thrashers or Threshers in their lineage in other than the direct paternal line. Women, as well as men, may take the Family Finder test to be compared with other individuals in the FTDNA FF database. Men and women may also choose to take the mtDNA test to establish their direct maternal line. Male and females carry the mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) of their mothers, but only the females pass the same mtDNA along to their children. WE ENCOURAGE YOU TO JOIN OUR PROJECT AND TO ASSIST IN RECRUITING NEW PARTICIPANTS. The more participants, the more likely that you will find a match which might confirm or dispute your paper genealogy or even open exciting new possibilities.



Other surnames in Project

Coltvet, however, Thrasher, Thresher

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