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Surname Tingel - Meaning and Origin

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Tingel: What does the surname Tingel mean?

The last name Tingel is of German origin and is derived from the German word 'Tingeln' which means 'to tinkle or to play a tune'. The surname is often associated with those who played music professionally or as a hobby, and can be found in records dating back to the medieval period in Germany.

The name Tingel is derived from a Jewish family traceable to a region near the Rhineland. This family owned a commercial trading post in which they sold dry goods and tinware. This closely associated German surname most likely originated with their commerce.

Tingel is an unusual surname which reflects a distinct cultural history. The German version of the name reflects the importance of music in German history, whereas the Jewish version reflects their long-standing tradition of trade.Living members of the Tingel family often carry these cultural legacies and can often trace their roots back to a common ancestor. It is also possible that the last name was adopted by certain members of the family in the early 19th century as a mark of main status.

The last name Tingel commands respect and is a symbol of pride for many families. Members of the Tingel family often share a strong sense of identity, having close ancestral connections and an unique and interesting story. For many, the last name Tingel represents a rich history and a bridge between two distinct cultural backgrounds.

Tingel: Where does the name Tingel come from?

The last name Tingel is primarily found in Norway today, although one could also find it in other Scandinavian countries such as Sweden and Finland. The origin of the name is believed to have its origins from the Viking Age. Its first recorded use dates back to around 1590, when it was found in the parish records of the area of Sunnfjord in Norway.

The surname is derived from the Old Norse word “Thingulf”, which means “the son of the divine wolf”. This was a popular name throughout Scandinavian areas in the past centuries, and is still used today. Tingel appears as a common Norwegian surname in 2019 records, with about 535 people sharing the name.

Given the popularity of this name in Norway, it’s possible to find people with this name living in several other countries around the world. For instance, immigrants from Norway to the United States or United Kingdom may have brought the Tingel name with them. There are currently people with this surname recorded living in the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Australia, Canada, France and India.

The name adds to the diverse variety of names from around the world, making it an interesting part of identity for those that carry it.

Variations of the surname Tingel

The surname Tingel is of German origin and is derived from the German word "tingeln," which means to tinkle. This surname is found primarily in southern Germany, often in the form Tingler. Variants and spellings of the surname Tingel include the following: Tengel, Tenggel, Tengl, Tenkel, Tinkle, Tenkingel, Tenkling, Tinkl, and T Auburn.

In the United States, the surname Tingel has been anglicized to Tingle. It is possible that some members of this family changed their name to Tingle, rather than their original spelling Tingel.

It is also possible that people with the surname Tingel have adopted other surnames, particularly if they were of Jewish origin. The Jewish variants of Tingel would include Tinglin, Tinglins, Tingelmann, Tanghel, Dengel, or Denkel.

There are other surnames that could be researched to determine if they have a common ancestral origin with Tingel, even though the surnames may not appear to be similar at first glance. These alternate names could include Dingler, Dingman, Deinger, Dinger, Daungler, Daungles, and Daumler.

To determine if a surname is derived from the same root, researching the variations and spellings of the name and researching it by geographical region is important. Additionally,sites such as which trace family lineages can be useful to research surnames of a common ancestor.

Famous people with the name Tingel

  • Karoline Tingel: Norwegian novelist
  • Stig Tingel: Norwegian Footballer
  • Irja Tingel: Finnish Cyclist
  • Nadia Tingel: Latvian model and actress
  • Bjørn Tingel: Norwegian entrepreneur
  • Bjorn Tingel: Swedish American Author
  • Jean-Alexander Tingel: Haitian politician
  • Fredrik Tingel: Swedish television presenter
  • Karl Tingel: Swedish actor
  • Frank Tingel: Norwegian composer and vocalist

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